{book} the curfew

To begin: When the publisher claims at the end of their synopsis that Jesse Ball’s “The Curfew is a mesmerizing feat of literary imagination,” you may think it an excitable exaggeration. It isn’t. Nor is Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s observation that “There seems to be no other novelist writing today who is capable of so thoroughly disarming one’s narrativeContinue reading “{book} the curfew”

senses required

Samedi the Deafness by Jesse Ball Vintage Contemporaries, 2007 291 pages. One morning in the park James Sim discovers a man, crumpled on the ground, stabbed in the chest. In the man’s last breath, he whispers his confession: Samedi. What follows is a spellbinding game of cat and mouse as James is abducted, brought toContinue reading “senses required”

doors and daydreams, or daydreams as doors

You may actually want to have read the The Way Through Doors first this time. But I wouldn’t mind a read through my, er, notes, ramblings, take..? **** The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball Vintage Contemporaries, Random House, 2009 240 pages. With his debut novel, Samedi the Deafness, Jesse Ball emerged as one ofContinue reading “doors and daydreams, or daydreams as doors”