{film} her

The discordant pulse of an alert opens the Spike Jonze’s Her (2013), a film bout a lonely middle-aged man who falls in love with his new operating system. If this sounds rather pathetic, it is, at first blush, meant to. Jonze plays on cultural expectations as we are first introduced to Theodore Thwomble (Joaquin Phoenix), whoContinue reading “{film} her”

boyhood beasts

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers McSweeney’s Books, 2009. (hardback, fur-less edition) 287 pages. Have you seen Where the Wild Things Are (2009)? Director Spike Jonze did an excellent job with it. I highly recommend the film. Dave Eggers helped Jonze write the screenplay.  Up to that point I only really know Eggers from TheContinue reading “boyhood beasts”