reposting loveliness

Hurray! A guest post! My friend Leah posted a really lovely review of Tyler Perry’s film For Colored Girls (2010) and I asked if I could (re)post it here. She very generously said that I could. Left is a pic I ‘borrowed’ from her facebook page, and this was ‘borrowed’ from her blog intro: [IContinue reading “reposting loveliness”

oh, how I love these…

{I opted for the short and sweet, fearing the gushing could go on and I would possibly overwhelm us both; so please excuse my understatements, if you would like clarity on a point, please, as always, comment.} I picked Laini Taylor’s Dreamdark: Silksinger for the cover. I was scanning the shelf for something else whenContinue reading “oh, how I love these…”

a candy apple

Miss You, Mina by Denene Miller Candy Apple, Scholastic, July 2010. 163 pages. Danene Miller’s Miss You, Mina is one out of a series of three. The other two are: Wish You Were Here, Liza by Robin Wasserman (May 2010) and See You Soon, Samantha by Lara Bergen (June 2010). Each book in the SummerContinue reading “a candy apple”

in a dark vein

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories written/illustrated by Tim Burton. HarperEntertainment, 1997. Hardback, 128 pages. Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love Voodoo Girl Robot Boy Staring Girl The Boy with Nails in His Eyes The Girl with Many Eyes Stain Boy The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy Stain Boy’s Special ChristmasContinue reading “in a dark vein”

one marvelous book

I am now going to read anything else Rita Williams-Garcia has published. Yes, One Crazy Summer was that impressive. Note: I tried very hard to make below spoiler-free and relatively short. One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia Amistad, imprint of HarperCollins, 2010. (hardback) 218 pages Eleven-year-old Delphine has it together. Even though her mother, Cecile,Continue reading “one marvelous book”

logical conclusions

“This is a book about what happens when certain casually held attitudes about women are taken to their logical conclusions.” –Margaret Atwood* Handmaid’s Tale by Artist: Erin Mcuire** I have always enjoyed Margaret Atwood’s short stories and the few essays of hers that I read. The Handmaid’s Tale has always been an intention based onContinue reading “logical conclusions”

this song is for you

a little wanting song by Cath Crowley I read the U.S. Printing: Knopf, 2010. 265 pages. Novel was first published in Australia in 2005 by Macmillan with the title Chasing Charlie Duskin. A Little Wanting Song It’s just a little wanting song It won’t go on for all that long Just long enough to sayContinue reading “this song is for you”

at home with Sigur Rós

[tagline:] Heima. A tribute to the people and places that make up ‘home.’ Heima You know that feeling of home? That combined feeling of belonging and riling to grow beyond it. For those of us gypsy, home is not a feeling tied to only one place, rather we know home from people, atmospheres, or certainContinue reading “at home with Sigur Rós”

manufactured Heart

Paper Heart (2009) Nicholas Jasenovec, director. Editing by Ryan Brown Nicholas Jasenovec & Charlyne Yi, executive producers & writers. Jay Hunter, director of photography Music by Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera Distributed by Overture Films Running time:  87 minutes Starring: Charlyne Yi (herself), Michael Cera (himself), and Jake M. Johnson (as Nicholas Jasenovec). Won Waldo SaltContinue reading “manufactured Heart”