the House that Mark built (1)

note: I am linking this review to the RIP V Challenge page so I will try valiantly to avoid spoilers. The spoilers will return tomorrow, with part 2. **** House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski Pantheon Books, 2000, 2nd Edition (2-Color version) 709+ pages of text and other things. “Victoria Lucas once said, There’sContinue reading “the House that Mark built (1)”

doors and daydreams, or daydreams as doors

You may actually want to have read the The Way Through Doors first this time. But I wouldn’t mind a read through my, er, notes, ramblings, take..? **** The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball Vintage Contemporaries, Random House, 2009 240 pages. With his debut novel, Samedi the Deafness, Jesse Ball emerged as one ofContinue reading “doors and daydreams, or daydreams as doors”