{film} the hunger games

Was I disappointed? Nah, but I did get a bit motion-sick for a few minutes there. The strength of the film lies in its casting; more questionable is its ability to minimize the spectacle of the Games so as to not subvert its critical message. The project was as ambitious as the books, and IContinue reading “{film} the hunger games”

{film} the woman in black

It has been a long time since I’ve intentionally watched a horror-genre film. I think The Blair Witch Project (1999) was the last one I’d seen in a theater. I tend to lean toward psychological-traumas, than all out physical-harm, the same goes for film choices. The Woman in Black involves two ingredients I try toContinue reading “{film} the woman in black”

{film} rise of the planet of the apes

Rogert Ebert ends his review of Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011): “Bottom line: This is the movie you may have been expecting. No less, no more.” I agree. In the vein of a film sent to entertain you, hugs and kisses, love Hollywood, this origin story delivers. If your expectations wereContinue reading “{film} rise of the planet of the apes”

manufactured Heart

Paper Heart (2009) Nicholas Jasenovec, director. Editing by Ryan Brown Nicholas Jasenovec & Charlyne Yi, executive producers & writers. Jay Hunter, director of photography Music by Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera Distributed by Overture Films Running time:  87 minutes Starring: Charlyne Yi (herself), Michael Cera (himself), and Jake M. Johnson (as Nicholas Jasenovec). Won Waldo SaltContinue reading “manufactured Heart”