{book} bound-picture-page-funny-tale-carrier

Fortunately, The Milk by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Skottie Young (as this is the U.S. edition) Harper (HarperCollins) 2013. hardcover.   While mum is off at a conference presenting her paper on lizards, dad is tasked with minding the kids’ schedules, heating pre-made casseroles, and groceries–like the milk supply. Mum isn’t gone long and theContinue reading “{book} bound-picture-page-funny-tale-carrier”

beware: today is chu’s day

Day 15: Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman, illus by Adam Rex Harper (HarperCollins), 2013. “When Chu sneezed, bad things happened.” This is the first line of the story, and I’m hooked. What sort of bad things happened? As the story progresses I add: and how bad could it possibly be? Why are this cute littleContinue reading “beware: today is chu’s day”

the dangerous alphabet

Day Four: The Dangerous Alphabet written by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Gris Grimly HarperCollins, 2008. I’m not sure how the rule works, but surely there must be so many alphabet books per so many Picture Books. I am going to share at least two. You’re welcome. Every child should become expert on the alphabet andContinue reading “the dangerous alphabet”

{book} it’s bigger on the inside

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman William Morrow (2013); Hardcover, 178 pages. “The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a novel of childhood and memory. It’s a story of magic, about the power of stories and how we face the darkness inside each of us. It’s about fear, andContinue reading “{book} it’s bigger on the inside”

{book} crazy hair

DAY 09 Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Dave McKean HarperCollins, 2005, 2009. I was looking to reread The Wolves in the Wall, but they only had Crazy Hair available on the Library shelf. Was I disappointed? no. When I think of Illustrators a child should experience at least once in their young picture book career, Dave McKeanContinue reading “{book} crazy hair”

audio book trip

We remembered the audio books this time. Natalya and I browsed the considerable audio book collection at the library and left with more hours of reading than the trip should need–just in case one of the narrators was awful, which has happened in the past. Perhaps as we listen to more audio books we willContinue reading “audio book trip”

american gods, archetypes, and remakes

a few things: A–Have your heard? According to The Guardian, Neil Gaiman is going to adapt American Gods to screen for HBO. Are we excited?! Yes. But who should be cast? Sean suggested Brian Cox would be a good fit for Wednesday. I’m curious to see how it all shakes out. B–Have you read this?Continue reading “american gods, archetypes, and remakes”

Stories: All-New Tales (pt2)

this is part 2 of my post on Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio edited Stories: All-New Tales (2010, William Morrow). Part one is here. Part 2 involves my [brief] responses to each of the 27 stories collected, and the introduction. ******************* As I was reading Stories I kept thinking how hard it must be to notContinue reading “Stories: All-New Tales (pt2)”

Stories: All-New Tales (pt 1)

Stories: All-New Tales Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio William Morrow & Company, 2010 Hardcover, 448 pages. 27 stories, introduction, and brief contributors’ bios. “Talking to Al Sarrantino I realised that I was not alone in finding myself increasingly frustrated with the boundaries of genre: the idea that categories which existed only to guideContinue reading “Stories: All-New Tales (pt 1)”

creating a name for himself

Noted: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A few things you should know first:  I do not read much adult Fantasy Fiction, and only a smidge more of Juvenile Fantasy Fiction. This book was read aloud between me and the husband Sean so I took next to no notes during the read. Lastly,Continue reading “creating a name for himself”