{television} wallander, series 2

Sean and I finally got around to watching the second season of BBC’s Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander. The series consist of three 45-minute episodes following the home and work life of a Swedish detective, based upon Henning Mankell novels, though not shot in order of publication. We’d seen the 1st and 3rdContinue reading “{television} wallander, series 2”

{television} wallander, series 3

PBS Masterpiece Theater presented the third season/series of BBC’s Wallander through the end of September and Sean and I were happy to be able to catch them on-line. I tried to not give too much away, and I think I succeeded. For those unfamiliar, Wallander is adapted from a series of Swedish mystery novels byContinue reading “{television} wallander, series 3”

thoughts about Thor (the film)

Thor (2011) was at the local drive-in and an impulse on our part. We were content to wait for the DVD, but why not?!—the cost for the family equals the cost of one at the indoor screens. If you haven’t a drive-in or dollar movies, wait for the DVD. A smattering of thoughts on Thor,Continue reading “thoughts about Thor (the film)”