{illustrator} Felicia Hoshino

I occasionally share an illustrator who has caught my eye. See the above “picture book list” for other illustrators highlighted on this blog. For ’30 Days of Picture Books’,“Day Six” features three books and an Illustrator’s Spotlight! Day Six: Little Sap and Monsieur Rodin; A Place where Sunflowers Grow; and Sora and the Cloud. —————————— “Felicia Hoshino was born inContinue reading “{illustrator} Felicia Hoshino”

meet annelore parot’s kokeshi

Day Twenty-Four: Kokeshi Kimonos Book  by Annelore Parot Chronicle Books, 2011. “With a padded cover and slickly designed pages, this interactive book introduces traditional kokeshi dolls, popular in Japan. Rendered in manga style, the dolls wear kimonos; readers are invited to help one kokeshi select her kimono, assist another as she samples new hairstyles, and liftContinue reading “meet annelore parot’s kokeshi”

{book} norwegian wood

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami translated from Japanese by Jay Rubin Vintage Books (Random House), 2000 (orig. 1987) tradepaper, 296 pages. Toru, a quiet and preternaturally serious young college student in Tokyo, is devoted to Naoko, a beautiful and introspective young woman, but their mutual passion is marked by the tragic death of their bestContinue reading “{book} norwegian wood”

{book} ico: castle in the mist

ICO: Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe very nicely translated by Alexander O. Smith Haika Soru published by VIZ Media, 2011 (orig. 2008) based on “ICO” an award-winning video game for the PS2 (Sony Computer Entertainment, 2001) & now PS 3. Tradepaper, 370 pages. 13 & up A boy with horns, marked for death.Continue reading “{book} ico: castle in the mist”

{film} jiro dreams of sushi

I was reluctant to see David Gelb’s documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) despite the ratings and ravings for the simple fact that I do not care for sushi. I really do not like fish in general. It sounds like a lame excuse, but there you go. And then my friend Tim said I reallyContinue reading “{film} jiro dreams of sushi”

{film} the secret world of arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) is a sweet little Studio Ghibli film. Inspired by The Borrowers books by Mary Norton, Hiyao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa infuse their own take on the little people who live beneath the floorboards and within the walls. Hiromasa Yonebayashi makes his directorial debut for Studio Ghibli with the tellingContinue reading “{film} the secret world of arrietty”

{comics} pluto vol 1-7

If you are going to check out this manga series by Urasawa x Tezuka from your local library, please be sure they have all 8…As it is, I need to carve out time to find the 8th volume somewhere. Believe me, one volume will throw you into the next and you’ll not want to hitContinue reading “{comics} pluto vol 1-7”

{film} tales from earthsea

“It is not my book. It is your movie.” –Ursula K. LeGuin to Mr. Goro Miyazaki. For a long while now I thought Studio Ghibli could do no wrong. Their resume is that impressive, isn’t it? I’ve seen several of their films, both subtitled and dubbed. And then I saw Tales from Earthsea (2006) last week. When IContinue reading “{film} tales from earthsea”

{tv} Eden of the East

Back in June, Sean and I came across Eden of the East : The King of Eden (2009) on Netflix. The film was the first of two created to finish the story captured in an 11-episode Japanese television series created, directed, and written by Kenji Kamiyama. My mini-review is here. Last week we noticed thatContinue reading “{tv} Eden of the East”

Eden of the East and Appleseed

I will wrap up what turned out to be a week in movies with two anime that Sean and I recently found Streaming on Netflix: Eden of the East: 1 (2009) and Appleseed (2004). Both of these were found via “related” or “recommendation” in connection to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (which we highly recommend); then thereContinue reading “Eden of the East and Appleseed”