{book} fly by night

Hopefully we will be seeing more and more of guest: N to the point she will have a regular “column” with clever name and logo and everything. This would be a really good thing. It is always good to see her and it was a pleasant surprise when she sent me the file for today’sContinue reading “{book} fly by night”

{book} adams’ hitchhiker’s guide

{“A Suprised Looking Whale and Bowl of Petunias” by Jonathan Burton} The daughter is stopping in to share: The inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s Trilogy. I find it flabbergasting that one can lay in a field in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1971, being faintly drunk and having a horrible day overall, and brilliantly (though slightly deliriously) come upContinue reading “{book} adams’ hitchhiker’s guide”

{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt2)

Yesterday, Natalya began her list of 20 summer reading recommendations, and today we list the second set of ten. These books are in no particular order, and they range across age and content. Enjoy!  ~L ———————————————————————————————————————– Yes! Your favorite contributor on the blog is back! (And will hopefully keep updating and more lists and reviews.)Continue reading “{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt2)”

{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt1)

I’ve a guest-blogger today. Natalya (aka the daughter) promised me some posts and a couple weeks in, she hammers out one with 2-parts! Come back tomorrow for numbers 11-20 of her summer reading book recommendations. ~L _________________________________________ Yes! Your favorite contributor on the blog is back! (And will hopefully keep updating and more lists andContinue reading “{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt1)”

over at cyclebabble

oh, so I guest-blogged over at the husband’s blog: Sean’s Cyclebabble. You know, return some favors for his posting here at omphaloskepsis. The post is called “smart girls bike” and it references this fascinating study in Spain where it was noted that teen-aged girls who commuted to school via bicycle tested higher in verbal andContinue reading “over at cyclebabble”

reposting loveliness

Hurray! A guest post! My friend Leah posted a really lovely review of Tyler Perry’s film For Colored Girls (2010) and I asked if I could (re)post it here. She very generously said that I could. Left is a pic I ‘borrowed’ from her facebook page, and this was ‘borrowed’ from her blog intro: [IContinue reading “reposting loveliness”

School of Fear

Today’s review is brought to you by Guestblogger N who was really really excited about this book and thinks everyone 8 and older should read it, though she acknowledges that teenagers might be too cool for it. **** School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari Illustrated by Carrie Gifford Little, Brown and Company, 2009 (hardback) 339Continue reading “School of Fear”

at home with Sigur Rós

[tagline:] Heima. A tribute to the people and places that make up ‘home.’ Heima You know that feeling of home? That combined feeling of belonging and riling to grow beyond it. For those of us gypsy, home is not a feeling tied to only one place, rather we know home from people, atmospheres, or certainContinue reading “at home with Sigur Rós”

hardly edenic

Guestblogger S is one of those readers who is determined to finish a book he’s started. The read before the one talked about here, Charles Stross’ Glasshouse, was a testament to this. Sean is an optimist. When three-quarters through Glasshouse he was still unsatisfied with the book, he was still determined there would be somethingContinue reading “hardly edenic”


Guestblogger today!…thanks again Sean! Sean is a fan of Chuck Palahniuk; reads every novel he publishes. Upon finishing Palahniuk’s latest, Sean kindly wrote a response for L to post on omphaloskepsis. ***** Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk Doubleday Books, 2010. 192 pages. First off, this is a departure from L’s YA Lit. Tell-All is, as allContinue reading “tells”