{comics} 15 & Fated

Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice by Mike Maihack Graphix (Scholastic) 2014 Comics you should already have read (and hopefully own) before the middle-grade years hit: Jellaby (Kean Soo), Zita the Spacegirl (Ben Hatke), Amelia Rules! (Jimmy Gownley) and Kazu Kibuishi’s Explorer and Amulet series (still incomplete). I’m obviously only naming a few. And I am beingContinue reading “{comics} 15 & Fated”

{book} Amulet series, 1-4

How many heroines in juvenile fiction have lost their mother early on? Now how many have brought their mothers along on their adventures? Thanking the daughter for lending me her copies of Amulet to re-read up to the latest: (book 4) The Last Council, we started listing all the things we love about the series.Continue reading “{book} Amulet series, 1-4”

the good neighbors (trilogy)

“Long ago, mortals called us The Fair Folk, The People of Peace, The Good Neighbors. They called us these things not because we were fair or peaceful or good, but because they feared us. As they will again.” ~Aubrey (The Good Neighbors: Kin, 77) The Good Neighbors by Holly Black & Ted Naifeh book one: Kin Graphix,Continue reading “the good neighbors (trilogy)”

Trondheim and McGuiness

A few comics for you today. Unusually short, I know… I recommend them both, and not just for juvenile audiences. ********* Tiny Tyrant by Lewis Trondheim and Frabrice Parme Translated by Alexis Siegel First Second (2007). 124 pages, hardbound Library. shopped from First Second’s site and checked out at the Library. Welcome to Portocristo, itsContinue reading “Trondheim and McGuiness”