wonderstruck (?)

“Wonderstruck should find its greatest effect with a Reader who will just plunge right in; one who is okay with Literature; one who can make many a layered connections and likes to think about their reads; one who is really gone on Selznick’s artwork.” ~L (further down in this blog post.) Wonderstruck : A Novel inContinue reading “wonderstruck (?)”

lost & found

(from The Red Tree) Lost & Found : 3 by Shaun Tan Arthur A Levine Books, 2011. A Shaun Tan book is a joy for ever. Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. [L & Keats] Yes, I’ve a grand love for Shaun Tan’s work. His words and his artwork really resonate with me. WhenContinue reading “lost & found”

The Stuff of Legend: The Dark

The Stuff of Legend : The Dark (Book 1) by Brian Smith & Mike Raicht, Illus Charles Paul Wilson III Villard Books, 2010. Tradepaper, 112 pages. The year is 1944. As Allied forces fight the enemy on Europe’s war-torn beaches, another battle begins in a child’s bedroom in Brooklyn. When the nightmarish Boogeyman snatches a boyContinue reading “The Stuff of Legend: The Dark”

the storm in the barn

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan Candlewick Press, 2009. Hardback, full color, 208 pages. When I saw Illustrator Matt Phelan had a graphic novel out, I had to have a look. Found this copy at the Library. In Kansas in the year 1937, eleven-year-old Jack Clark faces his share of ordinary challenges: localContinue reading “the storm in the barn”

brain camp

Brain Camp Written by Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan Art by Faith Erin Hicks First Second Books, 2010 TradePaper, 151 pages. pulled this off the Teen Section: Graphic Novels shelf at the Library. This review is a bit of an attempt not to dismiss Brain Camp out of hand because I didn’t enjoy the read all thatContinue reading “brain camp”

into the volcano

Into the Volcano by Don Wood The Blue Sky Press (Scholastic), 2008. Hardcover, Juvenile Graphic Novel (174 pages) Brothers Sumo and Duffy are told they must travel to a volcanic island to help an aunt they have never met. When they arrive, they discover that their mysterious auntie is up to no good. They areContinue reading “into the volcano”

the never weres

The Never Weres by Fiona Smyth Annick Press, 2011 Tradepaper, young adult graphic novel. The Future Looks Dim. Late in the next century, the human race faces extinction. An incurable virus has left the world with no new births since the last generation. Doom is all but certain, yet three of the world’s last survivingContinue reading “the never weres”

that which lingers

Lola : A Ghost Story by J. Torres & Elbert Or Oni Press, 2009 Hardcover Graphic Novel, 102 pages Jesse sees dead people, monsters, demons, and lots of other things that go bump in the night that no one else can see. No one except his ailing grandmother – a woman who used her visionsContinue reading “that which lingers”

Love : Bayou

Bayou : volume one by Jeremy Love colors by Patrick Morgan DC Comics, 2009. orig. web-comic at zudacomics.com (volume one = first four chapters = (?) 8 on-line  installments) It is 1933 in Charon Mississippi and 10-year-old Lee Wagstaff’s father has fallen into trouble; and, in a way, it is the bayou’s fault. “The bayou is aContinue reading “Love : Bayou”

the dunderheads

Browsing the Library Juvenile Fiction w/ N and this was face out. Attractive cover and title, the daughter and I looked at each other, smiled, and borrowed it. The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman, Illustrated by David Roberts Candlewick Press, 2009. Juvenile Picture Book: Ages 6-10. Miss Breakbone hates kids. Especially the “time-squandering, mind-wandering, doodling, dozingContinue reading “the dunderheads”