{television} the fall

The Fall (2013) is a dark television series out of the UK that should appeal to viewers of Wallander (2008), Broadchurch (2013), and True Detective (2014). Its degree of ‘disturbing’ fits right in there between Broadchurch and True Detective; so while the impulse may be to binge-watch season one, the content is hard to takeContinue reading “{television} the fall”

{film} arachnophobic

If Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in a film, we’ll watch it at least once. The debate with Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy (2013) is whether we would sit through it a second time. An indie-type film running at a slow-moving 90 minutes, Enemy benefits from a second viewing. The building winding narrative looks to startle and smileContinue reading “{film} arachnophobic”