{film} her

The discordant pulse of an alert opens the Spike Jonze’s Her (2013), a film bout a lonely middle-aged man who falls in love with his new operating system. If this sounds rather pathetic, it is, at first blush, meant to. Jonze plays on cultural expectations as we are first introduced to Theodore Thwomble (Joaquin Phoenix), whoContinue reading “{film} her”

{film} Before

note: When I use Before I want to indicate this is true of all 3 films. When I use Sunrise, Sunset, or Midnight, I am addressing that particular film. too, I think this is a fairly spoiler-free post, considering the 3rd film gives us some outcome from the first and second, but there are plentyContinue reading “{film} Before”

{book} blink & caution

Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones Candlewick Press, 2011. Hardcover, 343 pages. teen/ya fiction. Blink & Caution is a great title, and I was not disappointed that the story and the characters so named were worth the intrigue. Two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads – and risk an unexpected connection.Continue reading “{book} blink & caution”

{film} warrior

We speak a lot about tension and whether the building of it is successful or not. There is a suggestion that what a storyteller really wants to achieve is the successful building of anticipation rather than tension. That tension is a poor substitute. Merely a matter of semantics? No. And all it takes is readingContinue reading “{film} warrior”

{film} the descendants

I didn’t know much if anything as to what The Descendants (2011) was supposed to be about when it was released end of last year. I didn’t connect the director Alexander Payne with Sideways (2004) or About Schmidt (2002), etc. I thought it was a mainstream Hollywood film wrought with conflict and humor that would ultimatelyContinue reading “{film} the descendants”

dancing home

Dancing Home  by Alma Flor Ada and Gabriel M. Zubizarreta Atheneum Books, 2011 hardcover, 147 pages. Juvenile Fiction (ages 8-12) Mexico may be her parents’ home, but it’s certainly not Margie’s. She has finally convinced the other kids at school she is one-hundred percent American–just like them. But when her Mexican cousin Lupe visits, the imageContinue reading “dancing home”

the good neighbors (trilogy)

“Long ago, mortals called us The Fair Folk, The People of Peace, The Good Neighbors. They called us these things not because we were fair or peaceful or good, but because they feared us. As they will again.” ~Aubrey (The Good Neighbors: Kin, 77) The Good Neighbors by Holly Black & Ted Naifeh book one: Kin Graphix,Continue reading “the good neighbors (trilogy)”

the war at ellsmere

The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks SLG Publishing, 2008. tradepaper, 144 pages. Middle School Fiction. (Juvenile, YA) Jun is the newest scholarship student at the prestigious Ellsmere girls’ boarding school – but to a lot of the privileged rich girls, “scholarship student” is just a code for “charity case.” Fortunately, Jun has anContinue reading “the war at ellsmere”

[film] Hesher

Oh, the joys of reviewing a film you would only recommend to a select few. Shall I lead with who those few are, or aren’t? Those who like a good Indie-flick where you have to work as much to define the narrative and characters as the skilled actors do. And fans of Joseph Gordon-Levitt willContinue reading “[film] Hesher”

[film] 50/50

Just when I didn’t think I could love Joseph Gordon-Levitt more… In Jonathan Levine’s 2011 film 50/50, Adam is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. As the 27-year-old struggles with the implications, comedy and heartache ensue. 50/50 is a film about the relationships that come to matter the most. When death is staringContinue reading “[film] 50/50”