{television} deep breath(ing)

The household are Whovians to varying degrees, but all of us felt fairly equal trepidation with the New Doctor: the Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. It isn’t that we doubt Capaldi as an actor. It’s just that we admit to liking the younger Doctors–and Series 8, Episode 1: “Deep Breath” called us out on it. The firstContinue reading “{television} deep breath(ing)”

[tv] torchwood : miracle day

today I ramble a bit about the BBC television series Torchwood: Miracle Day. Sean and I had really looked forward to this season after Children of Earth in 2010. I’ll introduce the show and then dissolve into thoughts about this year’s Miracle Day. A lot of interesting conversations could be had from Miracle Day, believeContinue reading “[tv] torchwood : miracle day”

Don’t Blink

With the return of another season of the British television series Doctor Who, this season promises to return with some of its creepiest ever. But was Saturday night’s episode “Night Terrors” all that scary in the end? Still, it was pretty good though, and wouldn’t a street full of trick-or-treater’s with those scary doll heads beContinue reading “Don’t Blink”

skulduggery pleasant

“Before I introduce you to a life of crime, I get to introduce you to the Elder Mages.” “Crime sounds more fun.” “As indeed it is, though I would never condone crime in any of its forms. Except when I do it, naturally.” “Naturally. so why are we delaying the fun? What do these ElderContinue reading “skulduggery pleasant”

sherlock, downton abbey, and luther

The following are three British television series Sean and I have recently discovered; made easy as they were available via Netflix streaming. I list them in order of viewing, Luther being newly arrived to Netflix. I would also recommend Doctor Who and Torchwood as well. Torchwood is currently running a pretty intense season. And we can’t waitContinue reading “sherlock, downton abbey, and luther”