bbw, comics, & personal musings…

a bit of levity from xkcd [w/ the line: “of course, with their cautionary tale was reported in a print newspaper, no one  read it.”]  “Given their visual nature and the rampantly held misconception that comic books are for children, comics are among the most challenged and banned books in libraries and schools.”—Comic Book LegalContinue reading “bbw, comics, & personal musings…”

{life} Banned Books Week!

Banned and Challenged Books Week starts Sunday September 30th and runs through October 6th. This year marks the 30th anniversary of our national book community’s celebration of the freedom to read and draw attention to the harm censorship causes ( Books usually are challenged with the best intentions—to protect others, frequently children, from difficult ideasContinue reading “{life} Banned Books Week!”

BBW-2011-close; RIP, and randomness.

2011 Banned Books Week is over. I meant to post a wrap-up this weekend but I was appropriately distracted. So here we are. I hope you fit a challenged/banned book in last week. If you’ve read enough, the likelihood is you did, whether intentionally or no; the daily Bible/Scripture readers the biggest supporters against challengingContinue reading “BBW-2011-close; RIP, and randomness.”

angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging (re: the novel)

Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging : Confessions of Georgia Nicolson (book one) by Louise Rennison I Read the Avon Books Mass Market Edition (yep, pink cover and thongs), 2003 First Published, England, Picadilly Press, 1999. recommended ages 12-17. Angus: I should have guessed all was not entirely well in the cat department when I picked him upContinue reading “angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging (re: the novel)”

olive’s ocean

Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes A Greenwillow Book (HarperCollins), 2003. Tradepaper, 217 pages. Juvenile/Teen Fiction*. Sometimes life can change in an instant Martha Boyle and Olive Barstow could have been friends, but they weren’t. Weeks after a tragic accident, all that is left are eerie connections between the two girls, former classmates who both keptContinue reading “olive’s ocean”

do dare to read this

Don’t You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey by Margaret Peterson Haddix I read The Simon Pulse [Mass Market] Edition, 2004. First published 1996. small slim hardcover, 125 pages. Teen Fiction. “Things are so bad, I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t do something…” Everyone has to keep a journal in Mrs. Dunphrey’s English class,Continue reading “do dare to read this”


Often challenges are motivated by a desire to protect children from “inappropriate” sexual content or “offensive” language. The following were the top three reasons cited for challenging materials as reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom: the material was considered to be “sexually explicit” the material contained “offensive language” the materials was “unsuited to anyContinue reading “BBW-2011”