silenced voices

A very wise librarian friend remarked that it was a shame ALA didn’t care more about this issue; raising awareness about banned books is extremely important, but it’s also important to acknowledge the silenced voices of writers of color who continue to be marginalized within the publishing world…–Zetta Elliott, author of A Wish After MidnightContinue reading “silenced voices”

R(eaders) I(mbibing) P(eril)

I have decided to take on a challenge. I’ve seen many different sorts of challenges on many different sorts of blogs and I finally decided to do one. I found the R.I.P. V challenge via Sue @ It’s All About Books yesterday. The R.I.P. stands for Readers Imbibing Peril. (I do love the clever implementationContinue reading “R(eaders) I(mbibing) P(eril)”

lists…of another’s making.

Fuse #8, a blog over at the School Library Journal, has compiled (with the help of voters following the blog) a Top 100! Children’s Novels. I saw it first via Read Roger’s amusing post on the list’s #1 book. I saw the list second on The Book Nut who found it on other blogs whoContinue reading “lists…of another’s making.”