(Sean’s shelf for his Architecture and Art Books. Yep, overflowing. But still looks more put together than our other; which I was in charge of organizing). We moved into a new place this past weekend. By new place I mean a newly rented cute little house in a new-to-us little college  town. It has beenContinue reading “new”

libraries unlimited

(N before a growth-spurt, hair cut, & summer tan; but she still loves grandma’s reading chair and and still has active toes while reading) Went to the Library yesterday. It was the last time we planned to visit the inside of that branch in this city/district.  I had canceled all requests but one and thatContinue reading “libraries unlimited”

place marker

I have a Word document open and I am trying to write about Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I looking for that angle in which to dive in. Mostly I am starting and stopping; leaving in the middle of sentences and spacing to the next paragraph. I finished Jellicoe Road last night. I cried myContinue reading “place marker”

from the basement of the big yellow? house.

I have finished Andreas Eschbach’s The Carpet Makers; the book Sean talked about the other day. I am working on my notes/response. *** Meanwhile: You know that advisement: Raise your children up in the way they should go. Natalya was thoughtful to create home-made cards, a self-motivated craft, and purchased me a book for Mother’sContinue reading “from the basement of the big yellow? house.”

friday fakers

“Faking it” appeared to be Friday’s theme–on the blogosphere, that is. First, I came across this blog post via following-links/blog rolls: “For Real?” at Joshua Graves: Exploring the Collision of Culture and Faith. Graves has come across an article on the NY Times blog freakonomics regarding “faking christianity.” The Freakonomics writers received a letter fromContinue reading “friday fakers”