{book} hold fast

a lengthy, shockingly spoiler-free, post for Blue Balliett’s latest. This isn’t an apology, merely an acknowledgment. There are so many lovely and terribly relevant explorations …  Hold Fast by Blue Balliett Scholastic Press, 2013. hardcover, 274 pages. Where is Early’s father? He’s not the kind of father who would disappear. But he’s gone . .Continue reading “{book} hold fast”

{book} graffiti moon

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley Alfred A. Knopf, 2012 (2010 in Australia) hardcover, 257 pages. contemporary teen fiction. tagline: an artist, a dreamer, a long, mean, night a little wanting song guaranteed I would be reading more of Cath Crowley’s work. I took me a bit of time to get a hold of a copyContinue reading “{book} graffiti moon”

{illustrator} LeUyen Pham (pt 2)

Yesterday I posted a bit of what I learned about LeUyen Pham. Today I am looking at a few of the picture books she illustrated. A Stick is an Excellent Thing: Poems Celebrating Outdoor Play by Marilyn Singer (Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012). Marilyn Singer, a renowned poet, offers 18 poems involving outdoor play withContinue reading “{illustrator} LeUyen Pham (pt 2)”

{illustrator} LeUyen Pham (pt 1)

from Cinderella I discovered the delightful Illustrator LeUyen (“It sounds like Le Win”) with the Alvin Ho series authored by Lenore Look. The sweet and silly Alvin rescued me from my theory-saturated texts spring term and just as much of their charm can be attributed to LeUyen Pham’s accompaniment as the witty author herself. After perusingContinue reading “{illustrator} LeUyen Pham (pt 1)”

{poetry} poem in your pocket day

It is Poem in Your Pocket Day! A day where you carry a poem in your pocket to share with those around you; an opportunity to share and converse and connect with people through poetry. I have Margarita Engle’s “Archetype” poem in my pocket. Consequently, it also fits in with the Once Upon a TimeContinue reading “{poetry} poem in your pocket day”

{book} lulu and the brontosaurus

Do you know an early reader who is a spoiled? A reader, who, like Lulu, is a pain? Not “a pain in the elbow” or “a pain the knee,” but “a pain–a very big pain–in the butt” (3)? Maybe said person isn’t a reader but would be willing to sit down and enjoy a niceContinue reading “{book} lulu and the brontosaurus”

{poetry} cities & theatres

The daughter has been taking a Poetry for one of her Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) classes. The quarter culminates in a Poetry Cafe where the students read some of their work aloud. Natalya has given me permission to share two of the poems. The first is a Found Poem one of her other teachers told herContinue reading “{poetry} cities & theatres”

{book} my name is mina

Do you ever have the urge to write an author and transcriptionally hug and kiss them because of your profound gratitude for their having been born and having written this one particular book? I usually hug the book instead. And I’ve been hugging My Name is Mina the past few days. I should really write thoseContinue reading “{book} my name is mina”

{book} the curfew

To begin: When the publisher claims at the end of their synopsis that Jesse Ball’s “The Curfew is a mesmerizing feat of literary imagination,” you may think it an excitable exaggeration. It isn’t. Nor is Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s observation that “There seems to be no other novelist writing today who is capable of so thoroughly disarming one’s narrativeContinue reading “{book} the curfew”