{book} a legacy, a man, a company of men, and Ntozake Shange

Day Twenty-Nine: Ellington Was Not a Street Written by Ntozake Shange Illustrated by Kadir Nelson Simon & Schuster for Young Readers [text: 1983] 2004 The narrative of Ellington Was Not a Street comes from Ntozake Shange’s poem “Mood Indigo” (from A Daughter’s Geography, 1983). The poem, excerpted for the picture book, is a reflection of and tribute toContinue reading “{book} a legacy, a man, a company of men, and Ntozake Shange”

{comic} are you my mother?

Alison Bechdel wrote about her and her father in Fun Home (Houghton Mifflin, 2006). She is back to write a book about her and her mother. While you could probably enjoy Are You My Mother? without having read Fun Home, I think this latest memoir works better with a familiarity with the former (also, Fun HomeContinue reading “{comic} are you my mother?”

{film} cave of forgotten dreams

I’ve heard that Cave of Forgotten Dreams is epic in 3D at IMAX. Well, Werner Herzog’s documentary on the Chauvet cave isn’t too shabby on the regular ol’tv; in fact, it is downright incredible. Now, am I referring to the content of the caves or the documentary? Both. The Chauvet cave is located in SouthernContinue reading “{film} cave of forgotten dreams”

{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey

The British television series Downton Abbey peaks all sorts of interests in its viewer-ship. I, for one, am obsessed with the costuming. And then there are the sets. I have also, like many others, taken an interest in the variety of perspectives woven into the show. Not only the ones between and within the classes, butContinue reading “{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey”

“The word, gentleman, is a public concern of the first importance.”

The word is dada. Hugo Ball in costume for reciting a sound poem, 1916, Zurich. The second time I took a course on Modern British Literature (not because I failed the first), we were again required to present some one or some thing that was contextually relevant to the life&times we were studying. I choseContinue reading ““The word, gentleman, is a public concern of the first importance.””

bake sale

Bake Sale by Sara Varon First Second Books, 2011; Hardcover, 158 pages (including recipes) Calling all Foodies, your graphic novel is here! Many of the book recs put the ages 9-12, but lovers of the cupcake trend and bakers in general will own Sara Varon’s Bake Sale regardless of age. Things appear to be going well forContinue reading “bake sale”


Knucklehead: Tall Tales & Mostly True Stories about Growing Up Scieszka by Jon Scieszka Viking Press, 2008. hardcover, 106 pages. Juvenile/Non-Fiction. Requested this from the Library after reading Melissa’s (at “Book Nut”) review; I was looking for a guaranteed laugh. Melissa writes, “It’s a sweet book, full of humor and affection,” and it truly is. Have youContinue reading “knucklehead”

Stassen’s Deogratias

Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda by Jean-Philippe Stassen translation/introduction by Alexis Siegel First Second Books, 2006. (originally published in French by Dupuis in 2000) 96 pages, tradepaper Pulled from my list of First Second books that looked intriguing (and was available at the Library) “We are in Rwanda in the days leading to a swiftContinue reading “Stassen’s Deogratias”

getting to smile

“Handsomely illustrated and cleverly written by Telgemeier, Smile is a simple, fast-paced, yet unforgettable story that will resonate with anyone who survived those tumultuous teen years. Younger readers will likely relate to Raina’s tribulations at school and home, and those who are facing the dreaded braces will certainly feel grateful they didn’t have to liveContinue reading “getting to smile”

a good example of rebellion

ah, yes; that is his mother… *** Stitches: A Memoir by David Small W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2009. 329 pages (hardback) You’ll notice the cover of David Small’s graphic novel Stiches: A Memoir looks ominous. The Undead come to mind; and I don’t think that is a misrepresentation. The adults are looming, dreaded figures.Continue reading “a good example of rebellion”