(1st) Monday (2011)

Welcome to the year 2011 on omphaloskepsis! Hope you had a wonderful holidays! You’ve noticed the new look. I am trying out a few themes for the new year; this one is called “elegant grunge.” comments/suggestions welcome, of course. I am thinking that by the end of the week I will have either decided toContinue reading “(1st) Monday (2011)”

at home with Sigur Rós

[tagline:] Heima. A tribute to the people and places that make up ‘home.’ Heima You know that feeling of home? That combined feeling of belonging and riling to grow beyond it. For those of us gypsy, home is not a feeling tied to only one place, rather we know home from people, atmospheres, or certainContinue reading “at home with Sigur Rós”

hardly edenic

Guestblogger S is one of those readers who is determined to finish a book he’s started. The read before the one talked about here, Charles Stross’ Glasshouse, was a testament to this. Sean is an optimist. When three-quarters through Glasshouse he was still unsatisfied with the book, he was still determined there would be somethingContinue reading “hardly edenic”


Guestblogger today!…thanks again Sean! Sean is a fan of Chuck Palahniuk; reads every novel he publishes. Upon finishing Palahniuk’s latest, Sean kindly wrote a response for L to post on omphaloskepsis. ***** Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk Doubleday Books, 2010. 192 pages. First off, this is a departure from L’s YA Lit. Tell-All is, as allContinue reading “tells”

short and sweet

Sean is guest blogging for me today! thanks, darlin’. ~L ******* I’m stepping onto uncomfortable ground as I write this review. My wife being the reader and critic of the family, please be prepared for something a little less than her usually well-written review. _______________________ The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach trans. by Doryl JensenContinue reading “short and sweet”

Borrowing Pixie Dust

a guest blogger:  Sean from his 11/20/09 post “Pixie Dust” “i still love listening to the layering of Frank Black (Black Francis) and Kim Deal’s voices. i don’t think it completely ports me to being a 14 year old, but it gets close.” a few years back, the Pixies took themselves out of the cedarContinue reading “Borrowing Pixie Dust”