{book} fly by night

Hopefully we will be seeing more and more of guest: N to the point she will have a regular “column” with clever name and logo and everything. This would be a really good thing. It is always good to see her and it was a pleasant surprise when she sent me the file for today’sContinue reading “{book} fly by night”

{life+writing} Inspired Writer

Natalya aka the daughter aka guest blogger N asked for this to be posted: Hello all! This is your favorite guest blogger, N! The other day I was stuck. I couldn’t write anything, not even edit works in progress. Mom aka L suggested I peruse her “Look Here” Pinterest board, pick an image and writeContinue reading “{life+writing} Inspired Writer”

{book} adams’ hitchhiker’s guide

{“A Suprised Looking Whale and Bowl of Petunias” by Jonathan Burton} The daughter is stopping in to share: The inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s Trilogy. I find it flabbergasting that one can lay in a field in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1971, being faintly drunk and having a horrible day overall, and brilliantly (though slightly deliriously) come upContinue reading “{book} adams’ hitchhiker’s guide”

{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt1)

I’ve a guest-blogger today. Natalya (aka the daughter) promised me some posts and a couple weeks in, she hammers out one with 2-parts! Come back tomorrow for numbers 11-20 of her summer reading book recommendations. ~L _________________________________________ Yes! Your favorite contributor on the blog is back! (And will hopefully keep updating and more lists andContinue reading “{book list} n’s summer reading recs (pt1)”

Edward Gorey’s long lost daughter

**************************************** (Newly 11) Natalya’s conversational question of the evening? “If I had die one of the deaths from The Gashlycrumb Tinies I would rather choke on a peach or drown in a lake.” “Daddy, what would you do? “ When pressed on the point, he said “Ennui.” Natalya figured “Falling down the stairs would justContinue reading “Edward Gorey’s long lost daughter”

3 book recs from N

Natalya received a Reading Journal for her 11th birthday and has offered to share a few of her entries with us today. ********* The Annoyance Bureau by Lucy Frank Simon&Schuster, 2002 169 pages, hardcover (med.font) (from the Library) 4/5 stars. In short, The Annoyance Bureau is a wonderful book. In the fifteen hours since Lucas GrahamContinue reading “3 book recs from N”

links, parentheses, and exclamation points

Sean at his Cyclebabble posted “The Meaning of Bicycles: L (part 2)” yesterday. I would be the L mentioned there. This time there is a pic of me at 18, cold and likely zoning out as off to my right Tobias is telling a story I’ve heard twice (no, the drinks came later, I wasContinue reading “links, parentheses, and exclamation points”

the meaning of bicycles: L (part I)

I guest-posted over at Sean’s Cyclebabble today, “The Meaning of Bicycles: L (part I).” I’ve written out 4 parts thus far. Nice of him to host my ramblings on his birthday! Yep, that young man is 35 today… Also: Head over and check out that great photo of me from the year 1983! and seeContinue reading “the meaning of bicycles: L (part I)”