{film+book} howl’s moving castle

of note: in my desire to compare book and film, I have to spoil the book a bit, but only a bit. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) is inarguably one of Studio Ghibli’s finest and best-known films. Its direction/screenplay is by the masterful Hayao Miyazaki. We have seen it countless times, enjoying the unusual story of aContinue reading “{film+book} howl’s moving castle”

{film} skyfall

We finally made it to the dollar theater for Skyfall (2012), the latest James Bond movie. It was good to catch in on the big screen. Now, where to begin, after all, it was a Bond film. All the ingredients that define the masculine icon that is 007 are there. His sexual prowess, his armament,Continue reading “{film} skyfall”

{film} mr. nobody

“We cannot go back; that’s why it’s hard to choose.” (Nemo) Nemo Nobody is 118 years old and the only remaining mortal human in the year 2092. Who is this man called Mr. Nobody? No one knows, including himself. There are no records of his 118 years of existence and the stories he tells aContinue reading “{film} mr. nobody”

{television} wallander, series 3

PBS Masterpiece Theater presented the third season/series of BBC’s Wallander through the end of September and Sean and I were happy to be able to catch them on-line. I tried to not give too much away, and I think I succeeded. For those unfamiliar, Wallander is adapted from a series of Swedish mystery novels byContinue reading “{television} wallander, series 3”

{film} a hitchcock & a comédie romantique

Film studies like my Literature courses taught me a very important truth: just because I need to view/read a classic or iconic piece does not mean I will enjoy it—or even get it (without certain contexts, and even then). The most liberating assertion was that I didn’t even have to like it, I just hadContinue reading “{film} a hitchcock & a comédie romantique”

{film} arahan

After watching Lockout (2012) and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), Sean and I decided we could do with a few more action films tinged with silliness. This led us to The Warrior’s Way (2010), which I can’t decide if it is more weird than silly. With a bit more browsing on Netflix the following eveningContinue reading “{film} arahan”

{film} the secret world of arrietty

The Secret World of Arrietty (2010) is a sweet little Studio Ghibli film. Inspired by The Borrowers books by Mary Norton, Hiyao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa infuse their own take on the little people who live beneath the floorboards and within the walls. Hiromasa Yonebayashi makes his directorial debut for Studio Ghibli with the tellingContinue reading “{film} the secret world of arrietty”

{film} cave of forgotten dreams

I’ve heard that Cave of Forgotten Dreams is epic in 3D at IMAX. Well, Werner Herzog’s documentary on the Chauvet cave isn’t too shabby on the regular ol’tv; in fact, it is downright incredible. Now, am I referring to the content of the caves or the documentary? Both. The Chauvet cave is located in SouthernContinue reading “{film} cave of forgotten dreams”

{film} the woman in black

It has been a long time since I’ve intentionally watched a horror-genre film. I think The Blair Witch Project (1999) was the last one I’d seen in a theater. I tend to lean toward psychological-traumas, than all out physical-harm, the same goes for film choices. The Woman in Black involves two ingredients I try toContinue reading “{film} the woman in black”

{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey

The British television series Downton Abbey peaks all sorts of interests in its viewer-ship. I, for one, am obsessed with the costuming. And then there are the sets. I have also, like many others, taken an interest in the variety of perspectives woven into the show. Not only the ones between and within the classes, butContinue reading “{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey”