{book} a new(er) Flavia de Luce

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust A Flavia de Luce Novel, book 7 By Alan Bradley ARC via NetGalley w/ gratitude to Delacorte Press* Release Date January 6, 2015. “Hard on the heels of the return of her mother’s body from the frozen reaches of the Himalayas, Flavia, for her indiscretions, is banished from herContinue reading “{book} a new(er) Flavia de Luce”

{book} charis: journey to pandora’s jar

of note: A good friend introduced me to her friend Nicole Walters via Facebook fairly recently. Nicole is publishing her first middle-grade novel and Leah knew N and I would very likely be interested in a story involving a strong female protagonist and Greek mythology. Nicole generously allowed me to read Charis in return for a freeContinue reading “{book} charis: journey to pandora’s jar”

{comics} welcome back to Hereville

Thanks to Abrams and NetGalley I got a sneak peek at the sequel to Barry Deutsch’s Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword. It should be noted that the advanced copy/peek was pre-color and still sketched at the end, so I cannot speak to the color throughout or any detailing toward the end, but I canContinue reading “{comics} welcome back to Hereville”

{book} the invisible tower

The nearly-twelve daughter inhaled The Invisible Tower, and said she was already for the next. Too bad since Otherworld Chronicles book one was only just getting published. How did I feel about it?  In Artie Kingfisher’s world, wizards named Merlin and fire-breathing dragons exist only in legends and lore—until the day a mysterious message appears inContinue reading “{book} the invisible tower”

{book} remarkable

This book came to me by way of a friend of a friend of a friend (the wife of a teacher of the daughter). It’s an Advance Reader’s Copy as the release date is April 2012. Put a note on your calendar! In the mountain town of Remarkable, everyone is extraordinarily talented, extraordinarily gifted, orContinue reading “{book} remarkable”

{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey

The British television series Downton Abbey peaks all sorts of interests in its viewer-ship. I, for one, am obsessed with the costuming. And then there are the sets. I have also, like many others, taken an interest in the variety of perspectives woven into the show. Not only the ones between and within the classes, butContinue reading “{book + tv} the beauty, the sorrow & the abbey”

{comics} womanthology: heroic

“Womanthology is a large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, from young girls who love to create comics all the way up to top industry professionals. All of the short stories will center around our theme for this volume; Heroic. ThereContinue reading “{comics} womanthology: heroic”

{book} illustrated tale: the last dragon

The dragon may be the last of its kind, but The Last Dragon is not—however its kind might be classified. Is it a long comic? Is it a picture book? Illustrated tale? Curious. I expected The Last Dragon to be good, and it was—just not in the ways I thought it would be;* which isn’t necessarilyContinue reading “{book} illustrated tale: the last dragon”

friends with boys (1)

in full disclosure: my ability to get my hands on the latest Faith Erin Hicks comic (advanced reader’s copy) was thanks to NetGalley and First Second. What follows is a free and honest review. Being homeschooled and raised with three brothers had its problems, but Maggie’s life is about to get a lot more complicatedContinue reading “friends with boys (1)”


in full disclosure: I had the pleasure of this read thanks to NetGalley, Dark Horse Books, and an advanced reader’s copy. What follows is my free, fair, & honest review. Chimichanga written/illustrated by Eric Powell w/ colors by Dave Stewart Dark Horse Comics/Books, Fall 2011. When Wrinkle’s Travelling Circus’ most adorable little bearded girl tradesContinue reading “chimichanga”