Azaleah Lane’s Amazing Life

The Amazing Life of Azaleah Lane by Nikki Shannon Smith Illustrated by Mari Lobo Picture Windows (Capstone), 2020. Hardcover Chapter Book, 112 pp. Includes a glossary, discussion points, writing prompts, & a how to make a diorama. “Being the middle child isn’t always easy, but eight-year-old Azaleah Lane handles it with style, charm, and spunk!Continue reading “Azaleah Lane’s Amazing Life”

RealGirls & RealOpportunities

Terri Birnbaum of RealGirlsRevolution invited me to share a really cool offer + GIVEAWAY. RealGirls is “putting one high resolution coloring page from the RealGirls coloring book on its website for download every day, in an effort to give kids another at-home activity and also an opportunity for them to win $100, or $50, orContinue reading “RealGirls & RealOpportunities”