RealGirls & RealOpportunities


Terri Birnbaum of RealGirlsRevolution invited me to share

a really cool offer + GIVEAWAY.

RealGirls is “putting one high resolution coloring page from the RealGirls coloring book on its website for download every day, in an effort to give kids another at-home activity and also an opportunity for them to win $100, or $50, or a free coloring book through a random drawing.


This is incredibly generous of Terri and RealGirlsRevolution.

Here are the links you’ll want: the Website and Instagram.

I have a few ideas for some additional activities involving those coloring pages, but first, a friendly reminder of how I came to know this cool project and why you should take advantage of Terri Birnbaum’s offer.

A little over a year ago, for 2019’s Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I was introduced to creator Terri Birnbaum and gifted a copy of RealGirls Coloring Book for review. The coloring book

features a collection of illustrated girls, which were created by many different artists with one mission: to provide girls with images they can identify with, so that they might feel empowered to remain proud and confident. RealGirls celebrates, on every page, all levels of difference as beautiful, in an effort to let every girl know she is valued for the unique and beautiful person that she is.–

My thoughts at length here, but in short:

I want to see more [like this book]. I want to see more present-tense representations of girls and women with expressions all their own, that come from who they are, how they are created, the cultures that nurture them, not that unattainable misrepresentation that demands we keep within its narrowed lines. Or that they have to have achieved something to be noticed–or to even exist.

I know we’ll see more of it when I encounter determined creators like Terri, Lydia, Evelyn and all the artists and models with RealGirls. I know we’ll see more of it when we support their good work.

Also, because it still needs to be said: this isn’t just for girls.


A couple of ways to pair RealGirls: It’s a Revolution! with other creative projects:

>> use the pages to inspire writing prompts.

>> find underrepresented bodies in family, friends, characters or celebrities and draw your own coloring page.

>> draw a self portrait.

>> find examples of a family member, friend, character or celebrity who shares a likeness with each of the girls; an awareness campaign that’s like a scavenger hunt of sorts. (if you have the book or listen to some of the stories on you’ll get a head start on some of the artist’s inspirations and find those likenesses.)


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