Love by Matt de la Peña; Loren Long, Illus.hispanic heritage month

Putnam, 2018. Hardcover, 40 pages. Picture Book.

Highly recommend.

love cover

“In this heartfelt celebration of love, Matt de la Peña and illustrator Loren Long depict the many ways we experience this universal bond, which carries us from the day we are born throughout the years of our childhood and beyond.” jacket copy.

love interior
Interior Pages from Love by Matt de la Peña and illustrator Loren Long

Love is a sensory experience; full of movement, color and light. Each image yields a burst of energy as well as a space for stillness. Each moment is welcoming…except for those difficult moments; pages filled with the terrible revelations of brokenness and fear and loss. Love exists in and survives many forms and occasions. The hues are warm, regardless of the page.

Love interior2
a favorite. Interior Pages from Love by Matt de la Peña and illustrator Loren Long

The rhythms are neither elegiac nor lullaby, but a steady pulse that slides into the harsher realities and back into tenderness, until you are drawn into that heart-squeezing breath and those final lines come out as both a sigh and an oath.

I’ve read this one more than a few times, and maybe it’s this time in my life, where those final pages resonate more willingly, but I tear up every time.

Love is easily one to recommend for any age and for multiple occasion.

line clipart

Recommended for every library, and any age: Love is truly diverse in color, sense, ability, age, setting…

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