national human trafficking awareness day


Kofi [photograph by Lisa Kristine]
I want to encourage you to take a few (~20 minutes) to view Lisa Kristine’s TEDtalk from 2012, “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery.

“I truly believe, if we can see one another as fellow human beings, then it becomes very difficult to tolerate atrocities like slavery. These images are not of issues. They are of people, real people, like you and me, all deserving of the same rights, dignity and respect in their lives. […] I hope that these images awaken a force in those who view them, people like you, and I hope that force will ignite a fire, and that fire will shine a light on slavery, for without that light, the beast of bondage can continue to live in the shadows.”–Lisa Kristine.

Here are some articles and photographs on NOOR you will want to see and learn about.

Polaris Project is a great place to go to learn more about modern slavery in all its forms and how we can work to eradicate it.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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