{National Poetry Month} Pockets


On Pockets with Poetry by Natalya Lawren {guest writer}

To finish out the fantastic National Poetry Month, instead of a post as some fantastically deep reflection, I’m pushing us to do something as active participants. You may have guessed it– tomorrow is Poem in your Pocket Day. At first I was going to write about and feature poems about pockets, but that was both a hard-to-fulfill and stupid idea. 🙂 I’m not afraid to admit it. Nor am I afraid to move on to something other than myself.

The idea is pretty simple– take your favorite poem, and carry it in your pocket. I would suggest not keeping it crammed in there. Share them. Express. It can range from a folded piece of paper to a laminated bookmark. Poem in Your Pocket Day has been around every National Poetry Month and is one of the few nationwide events organized with all certainty. It is fairly unobtrusive, yet powerful in its own way.

Admittedly, a lot of people (including myself) forget to print out a poem, so this is a great opportunity to carry extras to give people, start a discussion and share, giving them something to hold onto for the day. Often, libraries and stores will pass out their own, which have saved me quite a few times. And though the written word is powerful, if you cannot bear to carry a scrap of paper, your phone may suffice. Is social media in your pocket? Most likely. Or you could print out an epic poem on a scroll and pull it out just to freak people out.

You know, it’s pretty self explanatory, and despite my urge to make this day meaningful, quirky, and this post elaborate, I don’t think that I need to do any of that. Poetry is awesome. I hope you don’t need anything more from me on that front, because this is my last post for National Poetry Month (well, look for a farewell picture of my own Poem in Your Pocket Day experience).

What is a better way to end it? So tomorrow, April 30th, put a poem in your pocket and venture out.

Though before you go, I’d like to give my thanks to all of you reading– I’m most certainly still experimenting and by no means a fantastic blogger, but I thank you for hearing me out and hope you’ve enjoyed. I also want to thank L, who has graciously allowed me to invade her space with my own ramblings, and has taken the time to edit, advise, and post them up here. Without her, none of this would have left a stash of rough drafts in Google Docs to be presented on this blog of hers. And as the very final word, I want to request all of you for this to not be a 1 month a year thing. Of course, it is fantastic that you’ve dedicated the time to celebrate National Poetry Month. But if this sticks with you for less that a few days after the month ends, well, don’t tell me about it. 😉


Guest Blogger Natalya Lawren

On Matters of Poetry

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