{National Poetry Month} here

Here by Natalya Lawren {guest writer}

Call me extremely lazy. Call me ferociously busy. Both apply. Both are somewhat relevant to today’s post. But let’s think of it as a nice break from the usual study, and just an appreciation for poetry itself. This is to date one of my favourite poems, and I believe it stands for itself. How about for now, we all just read it together.


Next Time Ask More Questions


Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952


Before jumping, remember

the span of time is long and gracious.

No one perches dangerously on any cliff

till you reply. Is there a pouch of rain

desperately thirsty people wait to drink from

when you say yes or no? I don’t think so.

Hold that thought. Hold everything.

When they say “crucial”—well, maybe for them?

Hold your horses and your minutes and

your Hong Kong dollar coins in your pocket,

you are not a corner or a critical turning page.

Wait. I’ll think about it.

This pressure you share is a misplaced hinge, a fantasy.

I am exactly where I wanted to be.


*originally published in Poem-a-Day, American Academy of Poets, 2015

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