{National Poetry Month} Introductions

The prologue to the Introduction.

Today begins National Poetry Month. It is also the first day you’ll be hearing from the daughter aka Natalya Lawren. A student of creative writing, a published poet, Whovian (see photo), fourteen, Natalya will be sharing an array of posts regarding poetry. I wish I could be more specific about the content, but her calendar is in a composition book and I’m not sure where she is on interviews. I can only promise something about “Howl,” Haiku, cootie-catchers, and song lyrics.

You’re welcome.

Poetry is a celebrated art form in our household, some of us are better performers than others (actually, one of us is the better). We’ve all a fondness for reading it, hearing it, observing it, opining about it. I’m happy that the daughter took my suggestion (plea) to write a post or two and ran with it. She took it upstairs and set her typewriter to gunfire. She began to email people and brainstorm ideas for posts, for projects. As if she has nothing else to do. I can claim her lovely strangeness, but her go-getter, organizing self? Thank you, my marvelous girl, for commandeering the blog and allowing me to sit shot-gun on this adventure of yours.

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