{bookishness} 2015’s Sci-Fi Experience

(Space, created by Stephan Martiniere, used with permission)


It is Days into the 2015 Sci-Fi Experience, I know!! But I’ve been where I have been the last two months–exhausted from the new retail job. Happy holidays all to all, and to all a good night’s rest. Okay, whining aside, since Stainless Steel Droppings’ Carl’s announcement of The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience, which officially began December 1st, it has been on my mind. We will no doubt watch more Sci-Fi than read it, but I am keeping in mind all the glorious short stories available. There is also that intention to read another Scalzi novel, and I keep looking at Weir’s Martian with real interest. Oh, and a friend self-published a novel I promised to read…

If you are also interested in some good Science Fiction, tis really the season. The Experience runs through the end of January and is a great way to kick off the 2015 reading year. You have to, at the very least, schedule in Interstellar (Christopher Nolan 2014) and Big Hero 6 (Don Hall, Chris Williams 2014).*

How the Experience works:

“There are no numbers of things you are required to read or view. Like Andrea’s Vintage event, This is not a challenge, just an opportunity to experience the wonder of science fiction, whether that be through reading, viewing, gaming and/or art appreciation.

“If you are interested, please consider signing up. There will be a review site where you can post any SF book, television, film or game reviews for things you experience during the months of December and January.”

Sign up, join up, and please let me know if you need a host for a review, I can easily lend you a day or ten.


*reviews pending.

2 thoughts on “{bookishness} 2015’s Sci-Fi Experience

  1. Its not that far in, thankfully. Glad you and the family will be joining in. I plan to do some watching myself. I’m trying to track down copies of Babylon 5 from friends as it is not streaming (free) anywhere, which is annoying. I’ve never watched the series and I have a hankerin’.

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