{summer writing} about 3bt

a recent camping trip, w/ Eleanor Swift
a recent camping trip, w/ Eleanor Swift

I used to try to write Three Beautiful Things (3BT) daily. I had gotten the idea from here, where every day Clare Law would (and still does) record ‘three things that have given her pleasure.’ It had a fairly immediate affect on me, looking for pleasurable things so as to have something to write down in my journal at the end of the day. I’d often find more than 3, and on the rougher days I’d have to get creative.

I added Three Beautiful Things to the Summer Writing Program this year (WI 21), but I’ve yet to do it–well, until now. We could use a demonstration (though I would recommend the above link to Ms. Law’s blog).

an entry can be multiply delicious:

1–Sean sent me another not-so-random article cheering me up in the middle of the afternoon: BBC’s Sherlock announces a Series 4 return in 2015, beginning w/ the additional Christmas Special. Huh, didn’t know Amanda Abbington (Mary) and Martin Freeman (Watson) were partners in real life…

brief and charming:

2–Eleanor’s animated nose; it’s seriously cartoonish when after a scent.

it could sound a bit wrong, because what we can find endearing sometimes turns out this way:

3–Natalya’s frenetic email received this morning before I’ve properly awaken. It includes an enormous list of worries only Natalya could write.

You can title the entry thematically (e.g. family activities) or w/ allusions to each (e.g. Sherlock, nose, worries). Or you can just use the date.

Three Beautiful Things become easier to write with practice, and writing them develops a lovely habit for mental health purposes as well as the writerly purpose.

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