{book} lines

30 days of pbDay Twenty-One: The Line 

by Paula Bossio 

Kids Can Press 2013 (first publ 2011)

Line, The coverA little girl stumbles onto a line … and endless possibilities for fun! With a twist and a shake of the line, it becomes a slide, a giant bubble or even a jungle vine. But what — or who — could be at the other end?—publisher’s comments

The childlike-drawn little girl in pig tails and a scribbled-red (not pink) dress finds the line on the cover and flows it through the end pages. Who has drawn the line is revealed at the end, but who is able to interact with it and manipulate it throughout is never in doubt. The power of imagination, in creating narratives in the silence is demonstrated in this magnificent wordless picture book.

line Paginas42

I appreciate both the playful and sinister moments of the book; the pencil smudged affect; the familiarity of the drawing style in engaging the young reader. Bossio art is one of excellence in design and consideration of her audience. My critical eye moves intuitively to the political, but I believe even that read is entertained. Children, no doubt, will find this a fun book for its imaginative play, but I find it delightful how many grown-ups have enjoyed it as well.

LineThe_2333_preview (dragged)small

Has this one been made into a board book yet? Regardless, add this one to the rotation for the youngest and earliest reader alike.


Paula Bossio “studied graphic design in Colombia, a beautiful country in South America. Since 2000 she has been working with several publisher houses as a freelance illustrator and as an art director in different advertising agencies (BBDO, G2, Y&R- Rapp Collins Colombia). In 2009 Paula moved to Barcelona, Spain to do a postgraduate study in Illustration for children books. Paula´s work has been recognized in several international awards, Noma Japan- Katha Chitrakala-India, A la Orilla del Viento- Mexico between others. Currently she is living in Melbourne Australia.

“I am a passionated graphic designer, an entire illustration lover. I believe in the power of the word, of stories, of great ideas. I believe in the power of a line, of colors, of shapes. I believe that those ideas that are able to hold great meanings can change thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I believe that visual communication is able to pass through countries, languages and cultures. An image is an incredible tool to convey what we really are and have inside ourselves.”

{images belong to Paula Bossio}


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