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cb29f7a6950e78b6dec876a111aa1685Last year, we threw together a Summer Writing Program, modeling it after those Summer Reading events of which we are all so fond. It was a means to keep the two sharp & in community during the already busy summer months. The ‘program’ would collect ideas/prompts as personal and community resource.

Summer Writing 2013 was deceptively organized…and neither of us reached our personal goals. Perhaps it is madness to revisit this, Natalya has a pretty substantial creative writing project for the summer & L has no idea her schedule at this point. Nevertheless, the ‘program’ was of use enough to reconsider it again this year. Join if you like, make personal use of the prompts if you want. Primarily, we hope it will be of help to you as a writer and/or illustrator.

We will make last summer prompts available–those we drop from this summer’s to make room for others. We will try to be available on-line, but it is also a great idea to have someone local or constant of your own.

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below are two pdf versions of the ‘program’.

the second prints (along the short edge) a booklet version (starting from page 2). The first is pages-in-order and is legible w/ a regular staple-at-the-corners printing.

summer writing 2014

summer writing 2014 booklet version 

the begin date was days ago…as I was off camping & failed to publish this for anyone other than Natalya…but upon reading the finely printed explanation a few pages in, you’ll note the ‘programs’ flexibility, which I think is one of its strong suits.

I hope you enjoy.

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