{Poetry} checking your pockets


pocket_logo2It is POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY… I remembered on the commute into the office/coffeehouse–despite all the reminder-and-plan-posts everywhere. A paper, pen and some barely legible script later and my problem was rectified. On one side of college-ruled paper: Emily Dickinson’s “Much Madness” and the other: Natalya’s “Elegy for a Vacancy” translated into a rough stanzaic form. Natalya has this great new concrete poem I wanted to share, but she has yet to create a copy for me. It can be read multiple ways. Then there is a much loved “Sleeping Beauty” of hers that I call “the madwoman poem,” but it is just a bit too long.

Shel Silverstein is always a favorite poet to mine for POEM-POCKET day….course, I could have just found a poem on the fly. If you do a found poem, do share!

Do you have Poem in Your Pocket — not a line, I swear. no, really don’t share perverse replies–although it is kind of funny to think how a friend had already quoted a line or two from “Jabberwocky” to me today? I have much madness and vacancy… you?

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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