{book + question} diversity in Christian [fiction] literature


Bible-Reading-Christian-Stock-Image-960x250As most of you know, 2014 is a year of reading only Fiction written by authors of color and/or featuring protagonists of color, or of other publishing-industry margins–coursework excepted. My interest is not only in discovering new authors and great reads (that is always a goal of mine), but access. I will do a longer write-up about this, for now I am looking for your help. I am perusing catalogs and shelves, I am hitting up friends on facebook…and I am turning to you:

Could you share your favorite (or any) authors and/or protagonists of color in books sold in Christian Fiction markets (all age groups/genres)? If you know of the publisher, please include; I am curious at the self-publish vs. big house publishing occurring. Also, could you add a notation if the protagonist is part of an ensemble cast.

I know there are authors who are Christian and publishing/marketed in the book industry at large. I am interested in what is available for those who want to only shop Christian Publishers and Bookstores (whether online or brick/mortar).

I really appreciate your help, thank you!

If there are thoughts, questions, feelings that come to mind, do share in a thoughtful manner–thanks!

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  1. bmkilsby says:

    Can I submit my own book? Self-published? If so, it is Darkness Into Light for my Reality Series and is about an unlikely, realistic, stubborn, lonely protagonist who finds herself in a lot more of life then she can chew!

    Many Blessings,

    The Reality Writer 😀

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