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00 tumblr_lsdw7apHWO1r40f9vo1_r1_500You know how you study cannibalism in a literature course called “Dark Renaissance” and suddenly you can’t go a day without at least one allusion to cannibalism? Maybe not. But on almost a daily basis since the first of the year, I have been discovering people wanting to read more of those authors and/or protagonists all too frequently marginalized in the publishing world: people of color, LGBT, differently-abled, depending on the genre: more male or female voices, etc. In the comic-reading venue, diversity means: female author and/or protagonist, and a greater variety along the color spectrum (yes, certain areas of Asia are not lacking a shelf-space or avid consumers); and yes, I just threw comics into Diversity in Literature…*

Having a community of readers, reviewers, and publishers who are interested in increasing diversity in published fiction, means finding authors, books and imprints to pursue so much easier. K. Imani Tennyson at Rich in Color demonstrates how, if left to browsing a major bookseller’s shelves to find diversity, the consumer may be denied access, let alone awareness that such books are being written and published. [Please check out the article, & its invitation.] I’m going to recruit the daughter to peruse local shops and library branches for on-hand availability. With increased use of gadgetry through which we read and listen to books, perhaps it would behoove me to scan “the end caps” and “displays” of e- and audio-book sites.

I mean, where do most people turn for suggestions? How many of your sources for book recommendations read diversely (not just eclectically)? Tennyson is going to her local Barnes & Nobles, but I was considering the tiny book section of the nearest Wal-Mart, even added a Christian Bookstore to the list—for the sake of curiosity, with the question of accessibility in mind, and remembering that reading and ownership is still a luxury.

So…resources. I’ve been culling from a variety of places to build a reading list. There are some brilliant blogs and challenges out there that provide lists, reviews, or linking hubs for reviews. I am going to list & link a few resources every Friday.

These are only a few of what I’ve found so far, but do feel free to share your favorite resources in comments, I will share them in future Friday posts

DiL re_sources

Blogs & Tumblrs:

author Zetta Elliott’s blog Fledgling ….concerned w/ mg & ya

author Melinda Lo’s blog Melinda Lomainly ya, but like Elliott, offers much more.

Diversity in YA (DiYA) on tumblr. just awesome.

Rich in Color “dedicated to reading, reviewing, talking about, and otherwise promoting young adult fiction starring people of color or written by people of color.” on tumblr

Latinos in Kid’s Lit

Challenges & Articles:

My Little Pocketbooks is hosting ‘Diversity on the Shelf,’ the hub w/ linked titles & reviews

Latinos in Kid’s Lit hosts a ‘2014 Reading Challenge,’ page provides book and resource ideas.

School Library Journal shares this list of “7 American Indian Women Novelists You Have to Read

Publisher’s & Org lists:

Center for the Study of Multicultural Children’s Literature “Best of 2013

Lee & Low | TuBooks (an imprint of Lee & Low) site & on tumblr


{images: (1) Whitewashed Books, ready for repairs, at Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. June 2011 ~Catherine Sieck; (2) N’s shelves, my own}

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