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when snacks turn deliciously sinister

30 DAYS OF PB 2013 aDay Eleven: Creepy Carrots!

by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown

Simon & Schuster, 2012.

creepy carrots coverJasper Rabbit loves carrots. and he can take the fattest, crispiest carrots from Crackenhopper Field anytime he wants. that is, until they start following him home… (jacket copy)

Is Jasper imagining creepy carrots creeping about, sneaking up behind him in the bathroom mirror or across the bedroom floor. He is seeing them everywhere! The only reason to question this is because there are plausible explanations for what he could actually be seeing. Perhaps too much of a good thing (ala gluttony or general excess) could lead to some wild hallucinations (read manifestations of guilt). Nah!

Creepy Carrots! is: psychological thriller meets sweet little children’s picture book. It is exciting! When your imagination turns on you…or your vegetables.

creepy carrots interior 3left

The opening end-page is something to consider pausing on, the rows of carrots interspersed with the creepy. This image is recalled as Jasper before a darkened woods, happy amongst his field of carrots. The creepy carrots were there all along, hiding in the field.

The old-school B-rated horror touch to the illustrations is a lot of fun, and, of course, perfectly suited. The orange is vibrant against a filtered black and white, drawing the eye and fueling Jasper’s paranoia. The punctuation of the text guides the reader into a dramatic rendition for the listener (self or other). A Hitchcockian Vertigo-esque illustration marks the mental break. Jasper’s solution to his problem is extensive, but warranted. The moat with gators is genius.


Creepy Carrots! is thrilling…and best unaccompanied by a serving of carrots, or really any vegetable; because the ending? It’s pretty creepy, too!

pair this one with The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005); as if you should require an excuse to watch anything Wallace and Gromit.

{images belong to Peter Brown}

discovered this book (and the cool video) last year thanks to Shelf Elf, see her review.

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