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Do you read poetry? —of anyone still living? —of anyone relatively new to the scene?

I am taking a Topics in Contemporary American Literature and its focus happens to be Poetry. We are reading 20th Century Poets and for our final paper we will have chosen one ‘younger’ poet and their work from a list the prof has provided and compare their work to one of their forerunners (the poets we are reading for class). Said list is below. I will be doing the prescribed research to find someone to read for the comparative, just the same, I’m hoping more than a few of you will recognize a name or two and recommend toward the positive or negative. 



Elizabeth Bradfield | Interpretive Work

Jericho Brown | Please

Matt Donovan | Vellum

Camille Dungy | Suck on the Marrow

James Allen Hall | Now You’re the Enemy

Sean Hill | Blood Ties and Brown Liquor

Amaud Jamaul Johnson | Red Summer

Judy Jordan | Carolina Ghost Woods

Anna Journey | If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting

Brian Turner | Here, Bullet

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  1. Sorry I can’t really be of help on this one. I do read poetry, although very seldom…too seldom to be honest. And most often it is people who have passed. I think the only exposure I get to living poets is through places like Asimov’s Magazine, which still published poetry every issue along with the fiction.

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