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Top 5 Reasons to see Pacific Rim (2013)


pacific rim_guillermo del toro

1# I’m convinced that there is nothing too large or wildly imaginative in scale for Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro to be able to handle: always there is a deeply human resonance to his films. His characters rage and fear and bristle against constraints. and then there is that child-like humor (child-like not child-ish). You’ll get the scientific explanations in this science fiction, and you will most definitely amp up on the action in this action film, but, dammit, this is a family drama, too–and del Toro will make you understand just what is at stake–in the film…and outside it. Never underestimate human ingenuity.

a cool article about del Toro at “Film School Rejects

pacific rim a_idris elba

#2 Idris Elba as Marshall Stacker Pentecost delivers a inimitable presence. That calm demeanor, indeed, should not be taken for granted, nor should the suit and desk work relegate to him mere locker-room-coach speeches in the viewer’s mind. He does inspire, but he is also capable of alternating between tender and kick-ass–and well sometimes tenderness is an ass-kicking. I really dig his camaraderie with Herc(ules) Hansen (Max Martini); which is also vital to that particular twist there.

pacific rim a_m a

#3  I would love to see Mana Ashida’s performance as the child Mako Mori earn her a best supporting actress award, maybe three or four. Her terror was palpable, her physical expression utterly convincing.

pacific rim a_cgi scale

#4  The scale is particular to the reason why you should experience this in theater: the sound and fury, the lighting and the sheer spectacle. I was a bit worried about the film being too Rock’em Sock’em for me, and with ticket prices as they are…but I was more than charmed. Sean: “Pacific Rim has the most successful rendering of mechs in American film.” Guillermo Navarro directing photography is a gifted collaborator of del Toro and del Toro fans should recognize his work.  Movie-goers have begun to tire of film-making’s seeming reliance upon computer generated imagery (cgi)–like auto-tune is to music industry consumers. Del Toro and his usual suspects have some practice here and it shows; the image above is a good example a sequence where cgi meets real in ways that will not test the viewers already willing suspension of disbelief.

pacific rim a_mako mori

#5:  Raleigh Beckett (Charlie Hunnam) confronting a paternalistic Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) regarding Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) permission to go into combat with him: “You think you are protecting her, but what you are doing is holding her back.” This is one action flick with more than a few viable heroes that : do not dispense the typical one-liners. & let’s say any “romance” is tempered.

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6 thoughts on “{film} why Pacific Rim

  1. I had pretty much decided against seeing this because of thoughts from friend who had, but now you’ve got me convinced that missing this in the theater might be a big mistake. Hmmm….

    1. curious what those thoughts are/were.. if you have a dollar theater? that is our answer to big screen, but minding what we want to spend first-run ticket prices on.

      1. My friend Jeff just saw it and he is a del Toro fan and thought it was mindless and a waste of time. I heard a del Toro interview on NPR about the film recently and its inspirations which is also one of the reasons I want to see it. I have it in my head now what he was trying to do and I think watching the film with that in mind will color my perceptions, in a good way.

        We often try to see movies early morning on the weekends to save $, but we go so seldom that it isn’t a big deal to pay full price.

        1. hmmm, I’ve read some of those opinions. I think my happiness where he departs from old-school action flicks in an blockbuster-action-spectacle may off-set any perceived mindlessness–or I was just due for a good mindless flick… 🙂

          1. I still want to see it simply because it was a del Toro flick, but again I’m more interested now after your commentary. And don’t worry, you are not on the hook if I do decide to spend money on it and don’t feel the same way, lol!

            I consider thing del Toro’s King Kong film. Like Peter Jackson, he is at the place in his life where he could make the film that he wanted to make since his childhood. I don’t begrudge either of them for that…and I love King Kong, btw.

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