{life} a summer party invite

N: summer 2012

I mentioned a short while back that Natalya and I were sketching out a Summer Writing Program that finds similarity with the Summer Reading kind. We’ve done it. We set out ideas and workable details and set up an incentive for ourselves: We are working toward the purchase of Scrivener; a tool Natalya was practically salivating over, in a lady-like way I assure you.

We thought it would be nice to create a version to include our creative friends, even those who preference more visual mediums–okay, mainly Illustrators, but I am certain interpretive dance can be managed here somewhere. So it is now a “Summer Writing/Illustrators Program.”  Now to come up with something other than “program” as it is a more casual outline sort of deal. You select the prompts that interest you and you do them, sharing to prove you did it (see motivation) and/or share to share (see motivation). You check in at our Google+ circle of friends, read others work as it is made available, meet people of varying styles and backgrounds, sigh when I inundate you with another inspirational quote or video. I am still working out prizes–outside of trying to facilitate a community…

We thought we’d open up our own little writer-nerd fest because: sure Natalya and I like each other and all, but expanding and offering community would be fantastic! It would benefit us both. I am hoping this will be fun. and serious. an experience that grows me upward. I need the kick in the pants and the silly exercises that may or may not change my writerly life, but no one wants to be alone.

I am finding that those artists who have survived into adulthood are really responding to the motivation to practice and hone their crafts whilst surrounded by others seeking  the same. The youth are all about developing more of who they are in society with those who will applaud their creativity and will challenge it in fun, but always respectful ways, too. I haven’t created a workshop, I’ve skimmed books on writing, and while I’ve accumulated quite a few classes at University already, I am not a professor or TA of anything. I do not “do” this sort of thing by trade. What I am is smart, determined, and intensely concerned with fostering creativity by whatever means I can devise or borrow (and safely implement).

I am going to work really hard to make this Summer thing a helpful and safe place to be. I have to protect any young person joining us (to include the daughter, of course), so I need to be able to vouch for you and/or you be able to vouch for your friend or child. I am strongly encouraging a parent (or parental figure) to be present–even as it is all online. I am placing an invitation here because I know some of you, but I haven’t your email or “friendship” on Facebook. This is also a good post to link on Twitter and the like. If you rarely if ever comment but have a young person or yourself who could really benefit from this, lets talk.

You can even just take the [free] sketched-out plan and host your own (free) household party; HOWEVER, I want to remind and recommend the notion that putting yourself or yours out there and into community is of incredible value. I get nervous about it. I am keep consoling myself with the thought that if someone gets a wild hair and decides to host a ‘hang-out’ where people read their stuff to one another I could be away at camp…  Most young people and older people alike thrive in community: we need that kind of energy, commiseration, instruction and perspective. And who could do without the occasional line from sources like Douglas Adams or Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide to exercise the imagination.


I created this page (see above). It has a few details, but most important it has links to pdfs and my contact info.

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  1. This sounds fantastic. I would have loved to do this as a young adult and I am looking forward to doing something similar with my son as he gets older (I am a writer, my husband an artist). I will be watching with interest.

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