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a real {non-spoiler} review will be written, but for the time being:

The Top 3 Reasons to see Star Trek: Into Darkness

star trek bc1

Star Trek: Into Darkness is an exhilarating action-adventure film and a significant contributor to the rush I was feeling during and after: Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, I cheered (somewhat quietly) when he appeared on screen. I was concerned that Cumberbatch would out-act Chris Pine (Kirk) and while, of course he did! it wasn’t to the poor effect I was worried about; it actually helped in creating the threat of difference between the two.

star trek ku sp zq 2The humor and personality of the series has been marvelously enacted by the casting choices. I adore these three in particular.

star trek ae 3

Okay, so using this picture I am being a bit of a snot, but the Michael Kaplan‘s costumes are wondermous. The crew in color, cut, and texture does not go with out remark. The future setting does not clothe their populace in anything too outlandish, and they obey a particular color palette for the film. The set designs in scale and composition on camera are loverly. And I would add effects to this, but video game came to mind a few times; video game-like set, sure; movement of character, not completely sold on.  As for the above screen shot, Sean came out of the film wondering what the point of Alice Eve’s character was beyond this moment. Sweet man, I am crushing quite audibly on Benedict Cumberbatch and he was frowning over the ridiculousness of this moment in the film.

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  1. Suey says:

    Agree on all!

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