{life} the next day


tea at 2000 ft by eric fan{“Tea at 2,000 feet” by Eric Fan}

no, this is not where I have been… nothing so exciting.

I have chin-deep in finals week(s).

Today is the day after. 4 papers and 5 exams: done.

I may share a bit from my classes this term (I watched some fantastic films),

but I am excited to return to my own syllabus

–which I am writing up that reading/watching list now.

If you have an absolute “must read/watch now!” do share.

Let Summer at omphaloskepsis begin!


places you can, otherwise, usually find me:




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  1. Suey says:

    Enjoy your new freedom! It will be fun to see what’s on your watch/read list.

  2. I can’t say that I have any “absolutely must watch” films, though I did just watch Chronicle. Wow. That was crazy. I liked it a lot, at least in some aspects, but there were many areas for improvement.

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