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April will soon be closed for the year, and poetry month quit for the season. But there is still time.

On the 12th I shared some performance poetry and one of the poets was Phil Kaye. I found TEDx talk of his on telling story I wanted to share, which is book-ended by poems.

There is another TEDx talk featuring Slam Poets: Slam Nuba. A teacher shared this w/ N–she has some great teachers.

and lastly: A slam poet exhibiting some of that indignant sort of poetry Sarah Kaye referred to in her talk; it is thought-provoking, and I think warranted. Rachel Rostad has a video responding to people’s reactions to the performance, where I think she is too gracious. {caution: may be profanity (trying to remember now). Thanks CBC Diversity for sharing the videos. The poem: “To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang”

okay, one more: from a Slam Poetry Contest. It is called “Pretty” by Katie Makkai {likely to have profanity as well}.


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  1. “To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang. ” Hmm. That was quite an indictment. I can definitely see the point for some criticism, but her major point is trump, I think. Unfortunately, stereotypes are always going to abound, but hopefully the lines all blur a bit more in my life. I think the way she handled herself in her response was indeed gracious, but to me that speaks volumes more to her credit (and point) than other methods.

    Thanks for sharing, L!

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