{life} 01.27.2013


luis gabriel pacheco{Luis Gabriel Pacheco}

It’s late enough to be dark out. The dryer is going in the background, N is in her room typing away, and once Sean comes back in with Eleanor we will resume an episode of Firefly. Tonight is the eve of the second and full week of school.

Have not been watching much of anything on screen other than Bones or Castle and occasionally peeking in on New Girl when Sean is catching up on it. The other night was particularly hilarious. Bones is becoming a frustration with their new arch-villain. He’s just too much of a know-it-all, you know? my disbelief is no longer suspended but rolling my eyes. In Film History II we watched Citizen Kane (1941); one of those films I’ve come to appreciate better because of a class.

To further Natalya’s musical education and to help me with my lamentable ability to “name that song or musical artist” we ask “who’s this?” during radio or album play.  For a stretch the artist in question was the same, so now the band is the first guess, even when we already know. Below is Phoenix’s “Lisztomania.”

Bookish stuff:  Neuroscience anyone? or Biological Anthropology? Reading poems of Milton’s and some essays for Film History II and Diversity in Literature. Been boring Sean and N with my continual regurgitation of “fun facts” and interesting findings. such are my semesters.

Sean’s commute will shorten this week. not much going with Natalya, though I see a need for all of us to ration the girl scout cookies we picked up today. I do not even want to think about school stuff just now; I just hope I did enough to prepare for tomorrow’s classes.

Because this is cool:

a the video and kickstarter for a documentary about a bicycle brigade The Ovarian Psycos: “a group of young women of color confronting racism and violence in their community”

something I shouldn’t preface:




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  1. ibeeeg says:

    I love the art you choose for these posts. Do you find them just scanning the internet? or do you have a hidden gem for how to find these wonderful art pieces?

    I wish you a well prepared second full week of school. Just think all the things Natalya is learning with your “fun facts”. 😀

    I love your furthering Natalya’s music education.

    Have a great week Leslie. Find some fun moments even during the dullest or frustrating of times.

    1. L says:

      thanks. I find most of them from a few design/illustration-fan blogs, pinterest, and tumblr. I pin them on one of my “look” boards.

      thanks, I will try. I hope you have a good week as well.

  2. Jeremy F says:

    I’ve been listening to Phoenix so much this fall/winter!

    1. L says:

      did you know Thomas Mars is married to Sofia Coppola?

      anyway, they are good. a lot of fun.

      1. Jeremy F says:

        Phoenix and Vampire Weekend make for a pretty good Pandora station 🙂

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