{comics} two books & a plan


womanthology_promo_inks_by_neilak20-d3hiz91I received two awesome comic books for Christmas and I am going to have to take my time with them both, so I will be taking my time—which is going to be precious this term <deep sigh>.

I plan to start Lost Girls (vol. #1-3) by Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie in a while, maybe Spring Break (?)—yeah, talk about a book that is awkward opening at the in-laws and trying to warn sis-in-law she might not want to actually peruse it. Lost Girls will likely shape itself into a reading journal and/or analysis than any sort of “review.”

In the coming weeks on Thursdays*, a day I’ve recently set aside for Illustrated works (comics, picture books, etc.), I’m going to go through Womanthology: Heroic (IDK, 2012). I gave a relatively brief snap-shot of it back in February of 2012. There are five “Stories” sections grouped by their editors, and ~five “Features.” Depending on how lengthy I get is to how that will actually break down into posts.

womanthology space

*there may be the occasional interruption. Or a really, really nice edition if/when I can get my hands on Womanthology: Space coming June 2013!! (they’ve released a vol. 1 & 2…). I adore that anthology cover.

{the first image belongs to Heroic, of which I also now own the Sketchbook}


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