{life} 01.20.13



{Treebird by Chelsea Grenne Lewyta}

It has been a nice weekend weatherwise, and we just finished a nice long walk with the dog. We have to mind the time before the sun starts to sink, because the nights and mornings like the cold.

I suppose some would assume that most if not all the romantic comedies in our film library are mine. They are not. I am working on a Chai Latte from Dazbog and some reviews. Natalya is half-watching a movie and her computer. Sean is kicked back and I can see the laugh, but my earplugs are in and I’m listening to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago.

In the spirit of my working on a review for Skyfall, my love of Adele, and a congratulation for its Golden Globe win:

which leads to the “watcha been watchin‘” part: Skyfall (2012) w/ Sean and Pitch Perfect (2012) w/ N. Not much television this week, mostly because our computer and Hulu have not been on friendly terms.

books: Stalled on The Dazzle of Day by Molly Gloss. I like it, but I just have to pick it back up. In the meanwhile for the WWE challenge I started Ico: Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe. I want to finish that by tomorrow and get that review done. Natalya read Justine Larbalestier’s Liar the other day and raved on it before she was even finished. Welcome to the family “authors to look out for” list Ms. Larbalestier. In other bookish news: just spent a wad of cash on books for school.

goings-on School starts for me on Tuesday. 16 hours at present but thinking of bumping it up to 19 with an ‘intensive’. Debating giving my weekends over to Melodrama in Film for the whole of February and some of March. That should be a Summer course, shouldn’t it? I really dislike school, and it is everything in me to curb my disenchantment around the daughter. I like learning though, so that I do try to share and I think I should have some great reading material this term. The daughter starts back on Wednesday. She gets to go w/ Sean to work on Tuesday, the day he is going to pick up his bike from the paint shop. He has gotten several parts and is more than ready to get the bike back together.

That’s the week.

Hope yours is well and sprinkled with plenty of positive change.

I for one, coaxed Sean into cutting my hair again…

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  1. ibeeeg says:

    I am not a Bond fan, but I sure did like the video you posted. Then again, I am a Adele fan.

    WWE — I am assuming it stands for Worlds Without End, am I correct? Either way, you’ve reminded me to choose my authors for their challenge. That has been on my to-do list for a couple weeks now.

    Why do you dislike school? With that dislike, I sure do wish you a smooth semester, and a question begs to be answered….why bump up your hours while under this dampened like of school? And yeah, keeping the dislike from Natalya would be best but hard I’m sure. Shoot, my older girls have spoken one too many negative times about school around Grace that she started her school life already not liking it. Go figure. But with 1 1/2 years under her belt, she does do a great job getting up and out the door with hardly any fuss…..especially for “not liking school”.

    Ahhh…saw on Facebook that Sean cut your hair. I would love to see it cause I think it is absolutely great that he can do that AND that you like the results. Would love to keep that hair cutting money in the bank instead of parting ways at the salon.

    I wish you a great week.

    1. L says:

      I’m finding a lot of non-Bond fans suddenly. I myself am conflicted. But I am not conflicted about being a fan of Adele.

      thanks. I dislike school because I’m tired of going which does make adding more hours kinda ridiculous. Just wanna be done–finally done. Also, I almost always have two classes a term that are hard to get excited about. The upside is the excuse to school supply shop.

      I will post a pic. It really stresses him to cut it. The first time he cut it was because we were strapped for cash and I was threatening to do it myself (which would have been a disaster). We just kinda winged it and it turned out.

      My mom is pretty handy cutting hair, but I never learned. wish I had because N is too old now for the kid’s cut, too.

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