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“01:12 is raining” by Junshan (at DeviantArt)

as it is: it is freezing out. but clear and sunny. inside warm and quiet. we finished a base soup (love BearCreek) that we threw a bunch of things in rather experimentally. It was good and now we are all in our little worlds. Sean is reading, Eleanor napping beside him, and Natalya is in her room with the music going, a dim sound through the wall.

books: Finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami and sketched out some thoughts on it, as they began to coalesce.  I am in the midst of Molly Gloss’ The Dazzle of Day. I really like this NW author. I met her via a class on Contemporary NW Lit and having read The Jump-Off Creek, Wild Life, and The Hearts of Horses I thought I would give her Science Fiction novel a go for The 2013 Sci-Fi Experience. Sean has been sick and so it is very convenient that we got our hands on a copy of that final Wheel of Time book for him to while away his illness. And I’m not sure what N is onto…she was rereading Bunheads.

music: N has been on a Weezer kick and so must we it seems. but I’ve been listening a bit more to Karine Polwart. I love “Firethief” in particular:

screen: We watched Total Recall (2012), and then The Adjustment Bureau w/ N. And then there was Dredd (2012)… Caught the first of the new season of Downton Abbey, which felt unusually long. And like most I was thrown by the Academy Awards announcement of Nominees. Where was Moonrise Kingdom?

life of late: yesterday Natalya had her call-back for the local School of the Arts Creative Writing Program. she said she felt at ease during the interview and thought they liked her. now to wait until March (or by Fall) to see if they have a slot for her. one of the questions was more of a prompt. they wanted to know what story she might write using the words “burnt cloth”. the sketch that came off the top of her head had me daydreaming a bit and I came home to write it down–that felt good. I need to be writing more. Sean has been sick, his office is taking a hit that way. And I am anticipating a busy term which is still in the throes of coming together.

of interest? I usually link as I encounter things of interest on the facebook page for omphaloskepsis, so this part will probably go away.

The Golden Globe Nominees (the show airs tonight) here:

The Academy Awards Nominees, here.

MovieBob has this to say on The Escapist, and Adam Mordecai for Upworthy had this (and the video to share): “I have never been a woman. I have no plans to be a woman. I have barely scratched the surface of what it’s like to be a woman in our culture. So when I hear dudes complaining on the Internet that men are objectified just like women, I really want to respond, “Um, no, you have no clue. And neither do I.” Instead though, I’m just gonna share this from now on. It may seem like it’s about video games, but it’s actually about real life.”

In case you somehow missed this: Official White House response to the petition to “Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016” which they titled: This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For

If you love Sci-Fi Fantasy and have reading more short fiction on your list of goals for the year. Tor.com has rounded up their year and are posting some for you.


Hope you have a good, healthy and stay-warm week.

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  1. Carl V. says:

    Sorry to hear Sean is sick and hope he is doing better. Very excited for him and everyone else who has been impatiently waiting all these years fro WoT to come to an end. I hope he loves the final novel. There is something extra special about reading when you are sick, it is so comforting.

    I love Karine Polwart! She is great. We’ve been listening to a Civil Wars station on Pandora and have been discovering a lot of great music that way.

    Fingers crossed for N and the creative writing program. Look forward to hearing the results in a few months.

    I really liked The Adjustment Bureau. Only saw it once, in the theater, and just bought a copy on bluray over Christmas when it was cheap on Cyber Monday. Need to watch it again soon.

    Very, very cold here this weekend and another cold one today, won’t get above freezing. I’m not complaining though, I love winter. The stars in last night’s cold night sky were amazing.

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