{random} thinking ‘bout 2013

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so I may have to prioritize a bit better this year. I’ve been thinking about my posts and a survey may be in order. it is probably noticeable, but I can be random. for a while I did manage a day-of-the-week rhythm and I just might return to it. but in all honesty I have very little idea what people look forward to reading here on omphaloskepsis. the film reviews, middle-grade fiction, young adult, picture book, or comics… I’ve noticed a lot of ‘views’ on posts I do in industry: whether film or illustration. I notice more ‘views’ on less mainstream books and films. Many of my friends are eclectic themselves so I do not feel the need to narrow my focus too dramatically, I just need a sense of what I might should be doing more—other than maybe writing the reviews ahead of posting dates…

I know I will be reading more “grown-up” novels in 2013, because I missed them, substituting schoolwork reading in its stead—which wasn’t completely awful because reading Frederick Douglass’ Narrative was a highlight this year, and who knew that Dance course would create so many interesting texts? I think I will take a hiatus on Emile Durkheim just the same.

I say this every “goal-making” post that I will do better with my Concenter reading. (see page for fuller explanation.) I actually do feel pretty strongly about diversity in publishing and want to show my support for those books and authors so underwhelmingly represented.

Natalya gave me a home-made “coupon book” for Christmas and in it were “blog posts” and I plan to redeem them. there may be bribes, too. I try to share the opinions of those whom I value.

I am not a bit “challenge” participant, other than Carl’s but I may do another challenge or two… I am seriously eyeing the 2013 Worlds Without End: Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge.

Getting my social media better organized. I am considering what boards are of the most use on my Pinterest (to me and others), how general or specific. I inundated my goodreads “to-read” tab and mind that list for better focus and organization. I am cleaning up my Evernote for the same purpose. Facebook is of increasing ease, though Twitter has dropped off. I adore social media and all, but between the election and gun control debates…

Must “comment” more, and not because it feels like a “blogging must” but because I like it.

take a third look at that “to be read” list…and make sure I leave room for new authors and through-out-the-year recommendations by friends.

so there is a start for the beginning of a new year.

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9 thoughts on “{random} thinking ‘bout 2013

  1. Far be it from me to make any suggestions about what you *should* be doing considering I go through an existential crisis every year around this time about what my blog *should* be. This usually involves a debate with myself about doing a more focused blog only concentrating on SF/F/H (with the H really being more of the gothic/RIP stuff including mysteries) and just leaving it like it is with it being a bit of an all-over-the-place blog where I post about my fitness, other non-genre reading I do, etc. The later pretty much always wins out because I inevitably read outside of genre fiction, and watch quite a few non-genre films, and end up dying to talk about them and so onto the blog they go.

    This year I am wondering to myself if I can do a better job of making some regular monthly SFF related posts so that my first loves, as it were, remain represented throughout the year and maybe give my blog a more focused overall foundation with non-SFF sprinkled liberally throughout, rather than having a blog that seems to go through “seasons” (most notably represented by the challenges I host).

    At any rate, I’m in the throes of agonizing over this right now as I do every year and now I’m doing my whining on your blog instead of in my head and not helping you AT ALL!!!! 🙂

    I for one love your film reviews. You see things with eyes I sincerely wish I possessed (but don’t want to do all the studying you’ve done to get them). Your reviews are insightful and varied (because you watch a wide variety of film) and I enjoy them very much. Ditto your book reviews. For purely selfish reasons I would love to see you join the Women of Genre Fiction Challenge. I think the quality and structure of your reviews would be much appreciated (though minimally commented on…such is the nature of big sites like that) over at WWE. And of course the selfishness comes in with me being able to read said reviews and determine whether or not I wanted to try those books/authors.

    As we all say to each other all the time, your blog should be what you want it to be. I think there is a place for both kinds of blogs. More focused blogs may garner more critical attention within the community of your focus but they also have a chance of being little read if that is a small, insular community (which is part of the reason I’ve never seriously decided to do a SFF only blog…the crickets get pretty loud as you wait for people to respond). More all over the place blogs can have the same problems but I think a more wide-ranging blog finds its readers by a person going out and interacting with others and building relationships.

    Okay, that is my pop-psychology/wisdom for the moment. Aren’t you sorry you asked?

    1. No, I am not sorry I asked! 🙂 I actually appreciate the sense of commiseration because you voice the angst I am going through (and do go through this time of year, too). I was thinking about how one may hold some focus and eclecticism as well, because you read my mind when you mention reading and watching something outside the “focus” and really wanting to share it. And really, I started the blog to share, to contemplate reads and things, and to keep from getting too rusty after all the coursework I’ve invested in (while yet rebelling a bit by rambling more than I should). But sharing involves sharing interests and that is where my question of what to share more of comes in. It gains weight in my mind. Your suggestion that “finding readers by going out and interacting with others and building relationships” is the weight-loss program I use and tend to neglect around the holidays preceding New Years…

      Thank you for your feedback/thoughts about the film and book reviews. I am working on a reading list for the WWE challenge; I am benefiting from being new to *reading* science fiction, the 12 is less tricky.

      You were/are a big help Carl to my sanity—thank you!

      1. It helped me a lot to having a forum to voice the discontent (coupled with excitement) that I feel every year at this time. It is such a strange dichotomy.

        I think the sharing aspect is at the heart of blogging, at least if a person wants to feel compelled to continue doing it and to enjoy it.

        The cool thing about the WWE challenge is that it also involves fantasy and horror so you end up with this huge spectrum of “speculative fiction” to choose from. Military science fiction like Bujold and Huff, urban fantasy like Patricia Briggs, folktales like what Catheryne Valente does, paranormal stuff and on and on. You can actually get a very eclectic mix of reading experiences out of these 12 books.

        I’m trying to decide right now what I want to do in order to choose my random author. I will probably end up doing something on the website but am trying to think of something fun.

  2. I go through these questions all the time about blogging. I just keep chugging along, doing what I can do. I think you do a great job and I love your blog so keep up the good work- whatever makes you happy- and Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. It sounds like you’ve made a good start on goal setting for the year. I had a really hard time this year doing the same for myself.

    I’m not sure my opinion helps much here because it is your perspective that I enjoy more than any one type of post. You know I’ve loved your picture book posts, really love posts on graphic novels (I’m working on Legends of Zita now), and I also have several YA titles to read because of you.

    There are a number of blogs I follow for a strictly SFF. I come here for something different. I like having a narrow scope for the focus but sometimes I wish I had a little less rigidity in my own blog because there are so many other things I want to share, so I get your (conflicted) desire to keep it wide open.

    I notice your concern is specifically what people “look forward to”. Not sure that coincides very neatly with “views”, but I suppose it must to some extent. For purely selfish reasons, I hope you stay random to some extent. The random posts are what I “look forward to” and some really great reviews/recommendations I’ve taken from here have been things I never would have seen otherwise.

  4. I, too, feel this strange pulse about blogging from time to time. But I have come to the conclusion (at least for now), that my blog is principally for me. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the community and the friendships I’ve made and the book buzz and whatnot. But I started blogging and continue blogging because I want to have a record of what I’ve read and because I want to share that with others.

    I think you do a great job. Even if a particular post doesn’t particularly interest me, I never have to scroll more than a post or two to find one that does. Happy New Year!

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