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from “Personal Work II” by Karl Kwansy

where have I been? I wish I could say that I was taking a vacation, but truth is I am battling the desire to hibernate. also, my back has been hurting–the upper part which I have no idea what do do with… and I think I may be in election recovery mode. It has been a bit stressful there. I know a lot of people who are in distress over Romney/Ryan’s loss, but happen to feel intense relief–which is on delay somewhat because enough of my friends are in distress and more than a few are still riding their hatred and fear-mongering. then there is the part where someone very worthwhile died of cancer on Wednesday, more dear friends dealing with other deaths of loved ones, and news of someone special to us fighting very hard against a deadly serious cancer so she can see her 3 young boys grow.

I have been experiencing Reader’s Envy as Sean inhaled Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore and Kraken by China Mieville, both to glowing review. Maybe I can persuade him to review here. I have been in and out of The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann most of the week. It is nicely done and highly imaginative and not terribly long so I know I must be distracted. I’ve been trying to hammer out a review of Amelia Rules! Her Permanent Record, Jimmy Gownley’s 8th and final installment in one my favorite series. And now I have Lois Lowry’s Son from the Library!

On screen I keep coming back to how I will review Prometheus (2012) and now Moonrise Kingdom (2012) while wanting to see Cloud Atlas (2012) and getting really psyched with The Hobbit (2012) nearness. And Castle was so much fun the other night, wasn’t it?

As for writing in general: N has a gorgeous sounding novel going on nanowrimo for the young writers. [I can’t believe we ever despaired her learning to type–I should video it to share (or record the sound).] She wants me to join and I’ve started two under-cooked ideas and while I know I could technically make 50000 by the end of the month, it would mean something gnawing at my spine other than that annoying ache just to the side of it.

I am a bit all over the place, aren’t I? I’ve a lot on my mind vying for attention and my checking in sort of turned into a whine-fest…how about a few links of the more positive note?

found this magnet image quote (l) amusing, thanks chickalookate

Neil Gaiman’s new Doctor Who episode news. Love love love “The Doctor’s Wife.”

World Book Night announced their books for 2013 and two are in Spanish, which I am very excited about.

I enjoyed this interview with writer/artist Kelly Thompson on the blog Bildungsroman. I am very much looking forward to Thompson’s graphic novel The Girl Who Would Be King.

this Podcast sounds intriguing.

and a great post and lively conversation hosted by Jonathan Hunt at School Library Journal on Graphic Novels and the Newbery Award criteria.


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  1. Carl V. says:

    Sorry to hear about your back, hope that gets better soon. I know when I was having back pain months ago it colored everything I was doing because I just couldn’t get comfortable anywhere.

    I’ve been enjoying my reading lately which has been really nice. With the World Series over and my house projects mostly done there has been a lot more free time to devote to reading.

    So glad the election is over. I don’t miss hearing about it, hearing political ads, hearing my phone ring all day and night with recorded candidate calls. Can’t say I would have been entirely happy with any results. I’m certainly not looking to the government to be my savior and am pretty fed up with government on all sides of the political spectrum. A necessary evil is what I think about it at the moment.

    Very excited that The Hobbit will soon be here, and am also excited about catching Skyfall tonight. I’ve been looking forward to the next Daniel Craig Bond movie since the last one came and went. Hope it is at least as good as the first two (of his).

    Have a better weekend and feel better!

  2. L says:


    ah, yes Skyfall. their latest trailer had sean and i salivating. i think this will be the best one yet. may have to look into this, it seems necessary on the big screen.

    glad you’ve enjoyed your reading and the quiet, but aren’t there always projects around the house? 🙂

    1. Carl V. says:

      Yes there are, but some are more fun than others. The fun ones take up a lot of time. The not so fun ones I usually rush through and get done as soon as possible.

      Skyfall is getting incredible reviews both here and has overseas for its first couple of weeks so I’m very excited about it.

  3. I posted a “life” post today too. Doesn’t it just stink sometimes? Hope things pick up for you soon 🙂

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